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Tune Of The Day- The Dreamer By The False Peak

The Brand new alt-rock band The False Peak are releasing their debut single The Dreamer, bringing us some much-needed summer vibes. The track that was released on February 10th is a dreamy offering, that harps back to the nostalgic splendor of teenage summers. It brings such joy to us to see a new emerging act breaking through with their debut release!

When talking about the track, the band's singer Caris said: “I wrote the song while I was reminiscing about summer evenings I’d spend with friends back when I was in my late teens. I grew up in the countryside, so we’d usually be sat around a campfire in some field until the early hours of the morning. It’s a really evocative memory for me, so we tried to put all that feeling into the music.”

The track was produced by the band’s drummer Anna Reed in association with Young Thugs Studios in York, and Old Chapel Studios. The False Peak is a brand new, ambitious alt-rock band from Leeds. We cannot wait to cover more of the band's work in the following months, be sure to show them some love! Check out the track below:


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