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Tracks That Shaped Our Sound: Blue Kubricks

Leeds based alt-rock duo Blue Kubricks are two brothers who write and record all their own music and have been rigorously gigging the Yorkshire circuit for upwards of three years. Pre-lockdown, the band were on the cusp of embarking on our UK-wide spring tour, but despite such setbacks they have been hard at work. Over lockdown, we were really inspired by an article they wrote for us that detailed their experiences of being ‘Black Boys in Rock’, and the pressures and prejudices that comes with it. Lovely people, making lovely music, what’s not to like? The band recently released Latin on Monomyth Records, it's an absolute belter that's accompanied with a wonderfully produced video. Without further ado, here are the bands top picks:

The Bends- Radiohead

Hearing Thom Yorke maybe 4 years into writing music changed everything. I think hands down, Radiohead are our generations Beatles and the Thom Yorke is a genius. That word is banded about a lot but it is undeniable that Thom Yorke is a musical great. I heard The Bends (the album) in Finland in a van picking up wood from my uncles the first time and i never saw music the same again. I chose the song The Bends but the whole album is an undeniable work of genius. That and OK Computer

The Beatles- I'm Looking Through You

I'm looking through you - The Beatles Again, its really the entire Rubber Soul album but Im looking through is one of the best songs on the album. The Beatles are regarded as the greatest band of all time, even when agreeing with this i still think they're hugely underrated. Every album is an entire sense written anew. My favourite is Rubber Soul as it got me through a really tough stretch a couple years ago and i still have a strong bond with the album.

Talkboy- Wasting Time

Have been in Leeds now 3 years and have listened to alot of local bands though gigging and recommendations but the one band that stands out is Talkboy and their song Wasting Time. A ridiculously beautifully crafted and performed song. Recorded at Greenmount Studios which on the back of hearing Wasting Time is where we now record. Theres a lot of bands obviously knocking about in Leeds but Talkboy are definitely in the upper echelons. Also, the acoustic version on spotify is just as beautiful.

Watermelon - Have to Have

The now disbanded Texas rock band Have to Have were doing things that i only aspire to do as a song writer. The lead singer, Julian, was the lead guitarist in Blue Kubricks before he was deported back to America couple years ago now. He then started Have to Have and their song Watermelon is in my top 10 songs of all time. So well written. Julian is an alien and his music is cosmic.

Radio/Video - System of a Down

Stanisław Szukalski says "art is exaggeration" and no band has combined the extremes of heavy metal and pop and melody like SOAD. The two albums Mezmerise and Hypnotise are tour de forces that are unrivalled. Two of the first albums i ever listened to.


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