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The Sounds That Inspired Brookland Jams

Brookland jams is a new sub-label from dansu discs that aims to release and promote more listening driven music. The ethos of the new label is to promote and release music that inspires itself from jazz, soul and blues. The new sub label is run by Dansu Discs owner Nick Howlsey with the help of Next Door Records owner Alfie Aukett.

In order to introduce the sound of the new label, the two played over the dansu discs balamii show. (Monday 8th). We spoke to the guys ahead of the launch of the label about the tracks that inspired the sound of Brookland Jams.

Joanna Teters has been carving a place for herself in the hearts and minds of today’s music lovers with original, forward-thinking, new-school soul.Increasingly recognized for her ability to switch effortlessly from lush, deeply sultry tones to rugged reggae and blues, Teters’ serves her audiences with playful and energetic yet poised performances of both original compositions and covers.

London-based beat aficionado slim. and mysterious soulstress Ella Mae. We don’t know too much about either of the talents, but we’ll just let the music do the talking. Cloudy piano jazz chords merge with Dilla-esque warm and dusty percussion, whilst a ‘93 to Infinity‘-inspired delay-soaked guitar note echoes in and out of the mix.

Steve Spacek grew up in the churches and raves of South London.To him, the music and the vibe are more important than the song, with the voice being a little more than another instrument. We also hear about the importance of having the right bass and the right face, digging for beats, and why the endorsement of other big-name stars can be crucial to an underground artist.


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