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  • Josh Crowe

The Native Sell Out Show Is Just The Beginning Of Their Burgeoning Rise

The five-piece indie band The Native hailing from Plymouth are a band that have been dominating our studio playlist for some time. Their roots date all the way back to secondary school, where Charlie Noordewier and guitarist Ben Andrew(guitarist) originally formed a band, until later joining forces with Tom Booth(bass) and Harry Youngs(keys).

Their debut single ‘Chasing Highs’ saw them rise from faint obscurity to arena tours supporting Bastille with shows at venues like the 02 Arena. Being a support band is a tough, but necessary task that they will have without doubt learned a lot from. But Native navigate in their own lane, with them now embarking on a headline tour in just their early twenties. It’s an entirely different experience, whilst playing to thousands is a wonderful experience, nothing quite beats knowing that everyone at the gig has paid to see you, even if it’s five people. It was plenty more than five at Camden Assembly, with the London venue being sold out.

There was a queue that went right around the venue yesterday. You could see a mile off a line of baggy trousered gig-goers all desperate to be there at such an important time in the band's story. The tangible sense of excitement carried on into the venue as frenzied fans flocked early on to get to the front of the gig. A highlight of the night was ‘Changes’ stick two fingers up at the humdrum shit show we always find ourselves in, with a sonic backdrop of peppermint pop.

It was certainly a night to remember, as the crowd fell into a frantic dervish all revelling in sheer bliss at The Natives unique sound. They are a band who undoubtedly have the sonic underpinning to gain the anthemic adoration of brit mainstays such as Catfish and The Bottlemen.

The band took to social media after the show to share their sheer joy at last night’s standout show. London, That as one of the best nights of their lives, selling out Camden Assembly’. Whilst they’ll enjoy the moment, they’ll be no doubt the band will set their eyes on not only mirroring but exceeding nights like these, the possibilities feel endless for the Plymouth poets as they set off on their indie escapade.

The band now approach a summer of live shows, with some notable festival slots that will undoubtedly expand their blossoming fanbase and burgeoning reputation as ‘the new kids of the block’. ‘Kids’ is perhaps a little patronising for a band who show maturity not only in their tireless work ethic but song writing that stretches far beyond their year in sonic and vocal depth.

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