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PLACES + FACES:The Ilfords

The Ilfords, an alt/indie rock four piece hailing out of Ilford Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. We've had their music on non stop recently in the studio, and thought it'd be great to chat to them about the tracks that shaped their sound. Today they release Stacey Greene. It conjures a sound that draws comparisons to Foals, QOTSA, Arctic Monkeys, The Maccabees, Palace, Pixies etc. We recorded this and our upcoming releases with Sugar House Productions, of Viola Beach/Corella/Pale Waves/Venus Grrrls fame.

When speaking about the track, the band share:

"Stacey Greene was first born in the very early years of the Ilfords and speaks of unrequited love for a girl a few years above at school; of a femme fatale seen through teenage eyes, dressed in leather, smoking, sitting on the bonnet of a muscle car when she should probably be in lessons like her peers."

Without further ado, here are the places + faces The Ilfords wanted to celebrate:


Knats are a band you need to see live - came across them online at first and was blown away, but having finally caught them live when we played West Ben Fest this summer, their shows are on another level. So, so tight, and they love it, so you love it. They're a mad mix of genres, probably best labelled as modern jazz, but whatever they are they'll have you on your feet. One of the best live acts about from the North East at the minute, although they've moved down south so they're easier to catch in London at the moment. Destined for big things.

The Avelons

Watching the Avelons is akin to a watching a Korean action movie or a Jason Statham film. It’s non-stop action. We had them in to support us last year on our Newcastle tour date at the Cluny, and they didn't disappoint. Not many bands manage to keep their energy levels alongside proper sing along moments which engage the crowd. And above all, a very good bunch of lads.

Dilutey Juice

Dilutey Juice capture all things stage presence without a traditional front man or vocalist. They bring it relying purely on musicality, fat harmonies and high energy. They put on a show that gets the common man jumping to brass. Class act.


The first time we came across AP3 was when he was MCing for DJ Pirata at Chase and Status in Digital in Newcastle. Back then he was MCing over dubstep but as he’s grown as an artist his lyrical genius and impeccable mic work allows him to conquer a huge range of genres. He's armed with a quality set of comedic quips and nostalgic lyrics and can also hold a tune - rare mix on the underground scene. Don't sleep on him.

Lizzie Esau

Lizzie's building a lot of momentum at the moment and for a good reason - she's blazing a proper alt rock trail across the country with her band at the moment. She shows off a rare mix of crunchy riffs and intimate songwriting and she's only just getting started. Jellyfish is a banging track and the riff will stick in your head for days. Her latest EP Deepest Blue isn't one to miss either.

The Cluny

The Cluny's a venue at the beating heart of the Newcastle music scene. It's got two rooms, one big and one intimate, meaning it hosts both bigger touring bands and some of the most exciting grassroots gigs. We've both cut our teeth supporting bands in the small room and headlined the main room, and we've loved it every time. Run by brilliant people and it's got quality food and drink too.

Head of Steam Newcastle

Maybe the venue closest to our hearts in Newcastle. One of the finest, most extensive selections of beers in the region, and the venue that hosted our first headline show. Since then we've put on endless sweaty shows in their iconic basement without it ever disappointing. Sorry to hear it's had a reno since we last played there, bit too upmarket for us now!

Venue: World Headquarters

Born in 2003, World HQ was created to be a safe space for music lovers and dancers alike where they could enjoy a multitude of genres and experiences. It welcomes artists from all over the world to the heart of Newcastle, each bringing and leaving behind a small bit of their own culture. Event by event Worldies breaks barriers, adding to the ever growing diversity of nightlife in Newcastle. Worth a night out.

Record Shop: RPM Music

The record shop we used to go to way back when we first started getting into town on our own, RPM is a proper independent record shop with a big presence in the city's consciousness. Quite often the place touring artists will go to pick up a record or two in their downtime, it's definitely one to stop by at.

Check out the track below:


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