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The Chemical Brothers Announce new album ‘For That Beautiful Feeling’

The rave duo’s 2019 album ‘No Geography’ seemed to introduce them to a fresh audience, culminating in a remarkable performance at London’s Alexandra Palace. Their plans interrupted by the pandemic, the Chems returned to the stage with aplomb, completing dates across the globe.

Now they’re ready to write another chapter. Out on September 8th, ‘For That Beautiful Feeling’ features 11 tracks – 10 songs, one intro – and boasts a range of guests. Beck appears on ‘Skipping Like A Stone’, while Halo Maud appears on two songs – the title track, and the beautiful new single ‘Live Again’.

Dom & Nic are frequent visual collaborators with Chemical Brothers, and return to construct the video for ‘Live Again’. The film makers comment…

“Working with the Chemical Brothers is a dream for any video director. We’re really lucky to be still making films together after quite a few years. The Chems just keep smashing it with great tracks that demand videos that live up to the music and hopefully add something extra to the whole experience. ‘Live Again’ is our 10th collaboration… the woozy, wonky analog sounds and the dreamlike lyric suggested a hallucinogenic visual journey following a character caught in a loop of death and rebirth.”

Oh, and there’s also a new career-spanning book penned by Robin Turner slated for release in Autumn.

Check out ‘Live Again’ below


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