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Tetendo Collaborates With HONEY On New Release ‘MONEY’

With a penchant for dance music and everything soul, Melbourne-based Tentendo’s fusion of shuffled grooves and funky basslines are a solid bedrock foundation for his brand of House. For him, music has always been the perfect creative release and the perfect vessel to transport positivity from the studio to the dancefloor.

Tentendo’s style is largely attributed to his attention to detail, particularly when it comes to bass. As a professional producer for more than 7 years, having spent his formative years mastering the electric bass and playing in bands throughout high school; it comes as no surprise that one of his signature features lies in his ability to lay down a hybrid foundation of live and programmed beats and basslines. With a no-holds-barred attitude to production, Tentendo’s been able to carve out a unique sound and carefully refine his process over the years.

2022 was a big year for Tentendo. With over 4 million streams over the course of the year alone, playing major stages at BigSound Festival, released his debut EP “Player One” which gained him outrageous support from the likes Sirius XM Chill, Triple J, and KCRW, just to name a few, to his following single ‘Blessed’ popping up in NME, and then kicked off 2023 playing at Laneway Festival with headliner Fred Again… It goes without saying this year is off to a good start.

On March 3rd, Tentendo releases his next single ‘Money’ with neo-soul singer honey. A song we’ve always known we wanted but never knew just how much it was needed.

You can listen to the track HERE


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