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SUDS Unveil Dreamy New Album 'The Great Overgrowth'

SUDS, the rising indie four-piece from Norwich, is making waves in the music world with their latest single 'Paint My Body,' giving fans a taste of their forthcoming debut album 'The Great Overgrowth.' Set for release on November 3rd via Big Scary Monsters, the album promises an enchanting blend of laidback harmonies and raw, fuzzy guitars that showcase the band's signature ethereal sound.

Drawing inspiration from midwest emo and the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene, SUDS' songwriting duo, Maisie Cater and Jack Ames, deliver evocative and literary lyricism. The single 'Paint My Body' takes listeners on a journey of self-reflection, with an earworm chorus that leaves a lasting impression. The track's light-hearted misery perfectly captures the bittersweet emotions of moving on from lost connections, as the refrain echoes, 'sorry that our time has run out.' Recorded with producer Ian Sadler (known for his work with Roam and Anavae) in Kent, 'The Great Overgrowth' promises to be an album brimming with addictive melodies and moments of optimism. Drummer Ames describes the album as "stepping into the next part of the story," with themes of finding peace and comfort in life's unpredictable journey. Despite their fresh faces, SUDS showcases remarkable maturity and ambition, making them one of the most promising emerging artists of 2023.

Their journey began when they met through Norwich's vibrant DIY scene, and their musical chemistry quickly formed a deep friendship. With Harry Mitchell joining on bass duties, the band embarked on a successful run, playing sets at prestigious festivals like 2000 Trees, The Great Escape, and Truck Festival, as well as sold-out shows with acclaimed acts like Spanish Love Songs, Pool Kids, and Martha.

Big Scary Monsters, who quickly fell in love with SUDS' catchy and captivating sound, expressed excitement for the upcoming album and the band's bright future. As fans eagerly await 'The Great Overgrowth,' the album is available for pre-order ahead of its highly anticipated November 3rd release date. SUDS' enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyricism are sure to leave a lasting impact on the indie music scene.


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