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Sol Paradise Debut EP Explores How Nature Has Helped Us Through A Pandemic

Soulful solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Sol Paradise returns with his self-produced debut EP

‘Forest’ It's a wonderfully written collection of tracks, seamlessly melding jazz with neo-soul influences, ‘Forest’ is a EP that explores, and in turn, highlights how important the outdoors has been to all of us this year for mental

space. The EP accompanied with some cracking artwork is what really caught the attention of the BabyStep Team.

When talking about the track he says

“I took inspiration from the role nature has played in providing us all with headroom recently.

Recorded mostly on my own in rural Suffolk, the project is characterised by themes of solitude and


Reverb-heavy, dreamy guitar lines interweave with the direct groove of funk basslines,

accompanied by Sol Paradise’s characteristic big final choruses. The EP’s two opening tracks,

‘She Don’t Want My Love’ and ‘Overtime’ are a nod to Sol’s dance music influences. ‘Interlude’ divides the project, providing a high-energy, horn-heavy intermission before ‘In Arms’ and ‘Is It Mutual’ conclude the work with more sombre, downtempo tones.

The final concluding section of the EP unleashes a cascading mix of trumpet and saxophone, lacing melodic textures with a sense of openness that mimics the feeling of release from time spent in nature away from the city.

Hailing from London, Sol Paradise emerged onto the scene with debut single ‘No Doubt’ (April

2020). Amassing over 30,000 streams in the first two months of its release, the track also secured

a permanent place on Arielle Free’s (Radio 1) “Free Your Mind” Spotify Playlist.

With now over 75,000 streams on his three independent self-produced debut singles, Sol

Paradise’s latest release hopes to catapult him to further recognition.

This piece was written by Josh Crowe, head to his Instagram to read more content or get in touch about coverage.

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