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Size 13 Debut Collaborative Release 'Subtle Oscillations'

Leeds-based duo Size 13 have released the details for their debut VA this week, a five-piece collaborative project of "ambient soundscapes, dubbed out chords and swirling arps". Subtle Oscillations compiles the work of Size 13's very own Tortuga, alongside 4TGANG, Phasmid, Persona Audio and Gibbin, for a truly beautiful collection of delicate, encircling soundscapes.

The Size 13 boys have been making movements in Leeds for some time, starting with their debut event back in November 2019 with Supreems. From there, they've hosted parties with Interplanetary Criminal, Munro and Ceska, released some banging merch and are now growing their label. Their socially-distanced event in October at Freedom Mills gave them the inspiration and ideas for Subtle Oscillations. Following this, the transition back into a third lockdown seemed a great opportunity to release the tracks, as they provide an ambient and comforting soundtrack to dreaming of the outside world.

The collaborative EP is set for release on the 17th of January, with tracks Candle Lit (4TGANG) and Purple Sky (Tortuga) premiered on labels FH and 44,100Hz Social Clubm, respectively. The release has great success in pushing the anticipation and euphoria of these tracks, to climaxing with Still Sinking (Phasmid), and then finishing with the graceful, soothing sounds of Midnight Express (Persona Audio) and Butter Knife (Gibbin).

Subtle Oscillations is available for pre-order on their Bandcamp here - all profits will be going to RETAS Leeds, a charity offering job training and language classes to refugees and asylum seekers.


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