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Simone Rochelle - Tracks That Shaped My Sound

From the dreamy villages of the United Kingdom to the vibrant music scene of Cornwall, Simone Rochelle is a force to be reckoned with. Making waves across the UK, she has graced the stages of prestigious festivals, including the illustrious Boardmasters, where her journey began in 2018. Playing on the stardom stages and sharing the famed Boardmasters sofa with rock legends Kings of Leon, Simone Rochelle is no stranger to the limelight.

As she gears up for an exciting 2024, Simone is heading into the studio to unleash her original creation, "T Rex Tree." This upcoming single, inspired by the whimsical encounter of a dinosaur-shaped tree on a road trip, promises a unique blend of storytelling and melody. Simone's powerful, raw, and heartfelt voice, showcased in classics like "In the Ocean" and "There is No Cure," is a captivating force, leaving audiences clamoring for more.

Simone Rochelle has not only carved her niche in the UK music scene but has garnered a massive fan base reaching as far as Brazil and the United States. Live, Simone enchants audiences, creating an unforgettable experience that transports them to a whole new musical realm. Keep an eye out for Simone Rochelle and her distinct stage presence, marked by eccentric shoes and clothes, not to mention her unique pet tarantula. With the release of "T Rex Tree" on the horizon, Simone Rochelle is set to elevate her musical journey to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Get ready to remember that iconic name.

Damien rice - “9 crimes” 

I remember hearing this artist many years from the start of his career and was just captivated with the raw emotion and beauty of his music and especially the song “9 crimes” 

He has inspired me as a singer songwriter and a reason to always wanting  pick up the guitar and play 

The Amazons-In my mind

The Amazons will always be a very special influence and inspiration to me from seeing them live at Boardmasters festival when I played there in 2018,they played on the land of saints stage and it was just pure rock n roll throughout and this track is one of my faves. This band holds a special place for me musically.

Glen Hansard 

I came across this artist in a film “once” set in Ireland and I just loved his music so much it really inspired me with my songwriting such feelings and pure emotion you could ever hear. Stripped back acoustic with feeling. This track especially I love it’s like you’ll heart has been broken into two when you hear this. 

Very sad but beautiful 

Adam barnes 

When I started out I discovered a artist singer songwriter Adan barnes from Oxford and I loved the style of his songs very tranquil sad and inspiring and I just loved his music especially the track “Green” definitely an influence with my songwriting techniques.

Howie Day 

i found out about this artist through his song “collide” which I discovered online and and I just loved the passion and emotion behind it he sings very sad songs with a relaxing feel and he inspired me as an artist He’s also American too I love the usa too.

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