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Shambolics share new single 'Everything You Should've Done'

Shambolics: Indie-Rock Maestros on the Rise with Explosive New Track!

Edinburgh, Scotland - The Shambolics storm continues as they carve their path to indie-rock glory, leaving a trail of addictive melodies and undeniable talent in their wake. The quartet, hailing from the picturesque town of Kirkcaldy, has set the music scene ablaze with recent hits 'Never Be Mine' and 'Attention,' featuring the legendary Kyle Falconer of The View.

Hold tight, as the excitement escalates with the unveiling of their latest track, 'Everything You Should've Done.' This anthemic piece is a sparkling indie-pop gem, delivering an effervescent rush that embeds itself in your memory after a single play. Co-frontmen Darren Forbes and Lewis McDonald paint a vivid picture with poignant lyrics, capturing the essence of living-for-the-weekend ennui and regret, a universal tale that resonates across all walks of life.

Darren Forbes shares the inspiration behind the track, saying, "The story of the song is about someone who never seems to grow up...not letting go of that teenage lifestyle no matter how old he gets." 'Everything You Should've Done' sets the stage for the much-anticipated debut album, 'Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams,' slated for release on February 16th. Fans can already secure their exclusive pre-orders, including signed red-and-black marbled vinyl, red-coloured CD, and cassette bundles, available at the band's official store.

The album, a chronicle of Shambolics' experiences in Kirkcaldy, has its roots in the desire for an alternative to the mundane. Formed as a diversion from park-drinking, the band quickly gained momentum with their energetic performances. The endorsement of music luminary Alan McGee catapulted them to new heights, with headline tours and festival appearances at Isle of Wight, TRNSMT, Truck, and Y NOT? cementing their rising status.

Shambolics' journey peaks in December with special guest shows alongside Kyle Falconer and The View, hitting London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Kilmarnock. Brace for the crescendo as 'Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams' edges closer to release, with in-store performances and signings at Assai Records in Glasgow, Dundee, and Edinburgh in February. The Shambolics wave is relentless, and 2024 promises to be their coronation year!


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