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Rhythm Lab Records Return With Sonic Synthesis

Rhythm Lab Records is ending its Sonic Synthesis series on the 9th of June with a compilation and an incredibly hypnotic bonus track. It's been an absolute honour to be associated with such an amazing group of people, who brought our editor Josh on board in the latter stages.

We'll be welcoming the Rhythm Lab family to the studio to talk about the amazing ongoing work they are up to. They'll also be running an instagram live all of today, make sure to tune in HERE

Seven young creatives were given the opportunity at the end of last year by the Youth Music Incubator Fund in connection to Reform Radio and Sound with Mike to collectively run Reform’s partner label Rhythm Lab Records. Being given an opportunity like this ourselves, we chose to extend the branch to fellow young creatives. Over the past 6 months, the team team has cemented the label as a space for the future stars of the Manchester music scene to find their roots, challenge themselves and collaborate. ‘Sonic Synthesis’ is the compilation -pun intended- of our efforts.

We wanted our artists to challenge themselves, and in so doing explore what they could learn from each other's sounds. STEMS and ROOTS, the first two EPs in the Sonic Synthesis series, invited artists who had never met to create a single independently of each other, before swapping their stems to be reworked in their partner’s own style. Through the process, our artists found throughlines in the cultural atmosphere that we could not have seen coming.

Yelena Lashimba and CurrentMoodGirl touched on topics of agency and toxicity that have been on the minds of marginalised communities throughout this year and beyond. On the other hand, Micco and Elias when paired with China Lilly and Sindysman, found that escapism and the allure of dreams- as well as their drawbacks- was very much on the collective subconscious as the world promised to open up again and many of us had to leave our heads and enter the real world for the first time in a long time.

Along with the two EPs, the compilation features a brand new bonus track! Callum Hultquist, contributes an electronic folk ballad, with a rap feature from yours truly as LINTD, that our team is excited to introduce to your audience. Titled U ’n’ I, our track reflects on the tension of both interconnected experience and human interaction, featuring a verse which applies this idea to rebellion and sex. Callum and I developed our friendship over the quarantine and are yet to meet in person. In spite of this, the track feels inherently personal and indicative of the unique electronic friendship he and I have developed. It’s an experience many artists can relate to, and I believe the track captures the energy of that dynamic.

On the journey that the seven young people operating the label have been on as developing music industry execs, current label manager Hannah O’Gorman offers; “I came into this role knowing very little about what it took to run a successful record label but the creative freedom and trust that was given to the team and I has made this the perfect learning opportunity. I’m so proud of the work we’ve done and feel confident pursuing a music industry career with the experience, training, and new contacts I’ve made.”

We hope this will be the start of an ongoing collaboration between the magazine and Rhythm Lab, be sure to give the release some love!

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