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Release Of The Week: Another Day In Paradise By Joe Roche

Back from a year-long hiatus - Manchester’s Joe Roche returns with our EP of the week. It's a chunky, forward-thinking 4 track package, “Another Day In Paradise”. Of late, Joe has demonstrated depth and versatility with his productions and live sets, mainly aiming towards acid house and its many forms. This EP reveals a fresher and more contemporary approach, drawing influence from artists such as Djoko, Archie Hamilton, DJ Life & James Andrew.

The title track, Another Day in Paradise, is driven by floating lead lines, modulated hi-hats and is blissfully awash with euphoric pads start to finish. Futuristic house music, best suited for sunrise or sunset. Two originals with borrowed vocals and two dub mixes for the more underground club heads. Manchester-based Enigma and Zonna were also on hand for mastering duties.


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