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Record Of The Week: Moff & Tarkin "Mango Boy" EP on Studio Barnhus

Renowned artist Moff & Tarkin, also known as Magnus Felix Tryggvason, unveils his latest release "Mango Boy" on Studio Barnhus, marking the label's first release of 2024. It's our record of the day, for its undeniable grooves and dynamic arrangements, the EP showcases Moff & Tarkin's signature inventive house music style. Despite his Icelandic roots, the artist's inspiration stems from Alfons Åberg stories, highlighting themes of parenthood and growth. The four tracks promise resourceful sample flips and an immersive sonic journey. Don't miss out on this groundbreaking release.

It's a release that stays true to the Barnhus discography, beautifully intricate but still fit for a dancefloor. It's positioned beautifully as a release that accomodates for the chin strokers as much as it does for the dancefloor faithful Undeniable grooves, dynamic arrangements and some very resourceful sample flipping indeed can be found aplenty across the four tracks on Mango Boy. The producer, real name Magnus Felix Tryggvason, commented:

I don’t have so much to say for the promotional text, would be nice if it didn't say too much about me being Icelandic and volcanoes and stuff :D

I started reading Alfons Åberg to my son recently. I've always been fascinated by Alfons’s dad, a single father doing his best to raise a kid. Apparently, he is only 36 in the books, looks a lot older imo. I’m turning 36 in 2024, not that the text has to mention that but it is interesting.


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