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Rammor Releases Forget About You

Deep house producer and DJ Rammor storms back onto the scene with the highly elevating dance number ‘Forget About You’. Based in Bavaria, Germany, this powerful artist is certainly turning heads within the music industry. With over 649,000 monthly listeners and over 17 million streams on Spotify alone, Rammor is ready for his name in vibrant lights. Not only turning heads of Spotify fans, Rammor livestreams DJ sets via YouTube and millions of fans join live to hear his captivating performances.

Speaking about the instant classic ‘Forget About You’, Rammor shares, “The song is about someone who didn't value the precious and carefree time with a loved one. He realized too late what it meant to him and now he regrets it and can't get over it.”

Finding inspiration in anything and everything, Rammor is heavily influenced by other artists' music and performances. Constantly evolving to be the best version of himself, ‘Forget About You’ is the sort of track that would instantly fill a dancefloor. Ready to prove that he belongs on the stage of all the major festivals around the globe, ’Forget About You’ is a dance-heavy number that features hypnotizing vocals, distinctive guitar melodies and polished production.

Always striving to further his career, Rammor’s love for music may have started at the age of 18 years old, but it’s the only thing he’s sacrificed a lot for. Working day and night to perfect his craft, it’s safe to say that Rammor could easily be at the same level as artists such as David Guetta and Calvin Harris.

The summer anthem the world needed right about now, Rammor’s addictive new single ‘Forget About You’ is out worldwide July 23rd.


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