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Raelle Releases Standout EP

Sometimes opening our email on a Monday morning can be a dreaded task; reminders of admin to do, invoices to pay and things to sort. This morning was slightly different, we were blessed with being sent the new Raelle EP. It's been on repeat in the office from the minute we got in this morning, it's quite simply delightful. It was a no brainer to pick it as our tune of the day, we hope you enjoy it just as much as we did!

Following on from her last single ‘Sunrise’, this neo-soul, 70s-inspired project brings together four tracks that take the listener on a journey of self-realisation, exploring the emotions that come with it. Throughout the record, Raelle uses the times of day as a metaphor for her feelings and mood of each song, exploring love, loss, uncertainty, and self-realization.

Captivated by Jazz and Soul’s inherent freedom of expression and emotiveness, Raelle channels vibes between poetry and melody, using her voice as a natural way of sharing with others. Amidst this surreal hyper-connected world, centred around superficial images, Raelle’s music aims to enable deeper emotional bonding creating a bridge to share experiences with people from different backgrounds.

She has received radio support from notable DJs including DJ Targets UK touchdown tour on BBC 1Xtra, DJ Ace R&B show on BBC 1Xtra and Jamz Supernova on selector radio as well as garnering support from BBC Radio London, BBC Introducing, DUMMY Mag, Ear Milk, and TRENCH to name a few.

This piece was written by Josh Crowe, head to his Instagram to read more content or get in touch about coverage.

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