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Pop Vulture Release 'Comforting Lie'

Leeds-based Pop Vulture has unveiled their latest single, 'Comforting Lie,' through Come Play With Me Records and EMI North, marking a bold return to their burgeoning discography. Known for their distinct blend of dissonant No-Wave and unconventional post-punk, Pop Vulture layers these influences atop tightly-crafted grooves, creating music that addresses themes of mental health and the ceaseless challenges of life.

From their early days dabbling in noise-rock to exploring the realms of krautrock and post-rock, Pop Vulture has now settled into a sound heavily inspired by new-wave and post-punk. Their latest offering, 'Comforting Lie,' showcases this evolution with its mix of jittery guitars, rhythmic percussion, and bittersweet melodies.

The track is characterized by its use of sweet trombone lines weaving through confrontational guitar and bass interplay, leading to a climax that juxtaposes harmonious landscapes with the raw edge of distorted guitars and building feedback. 'Comforting Lie' provides a biting commentary on the hollowness felt by the wealthy, despite their material success, embodying the adage that sometimes, "A Comforting Lie is nicer than the uncomfortable truth."

Having already captured the UK's attention with a series of acclaimed live shows, performing alongside acts like Yard Act, Folly Group, and English Teacher, Pop Vulture is set to continue their momentum with more live dates on the horizon, including appearances at the In Colour Festival in Leeds on May 11 and The Great Escape Festival in Brighton on May 16. Fans and newcomers alike are invited to experience the unique energy and stark narratives that Pop Vulture brings to both their recordings and their compelling live performances.


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