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Petition For Tighter Safety Procedures Following Headingley Assault

A petition has been started calling for tighter safety implementation in Leeds this week, following a series of attacks in and around the alleyway that links Burley to Headingley. The past few years have seen a momentous amount of cases regarding sexual assault and violence - with 74 recorded by police near the area in the past 12 months alone - including cases of gang rape (source: Crime in my Area).

In a bid to fight against these horrific incidents, a Community Petition has been put forward to Leeds City Council in aim of making the area safer for women. Bethany Welsh, starter of the petition, has said "It seems no action has come from these crimes and I feel that something needs to be dramatically changed. No woman should ever feel like that are in fear whilst walking. I think it's time we all came together to raise awareness of these dreadful crimes that are continually happening". The alleyway has also been spray painted to ensure that it is avoided by those walking through the area.

We urge you to do what you can to help. The link to the petition can be found here; we also ask you to email your MP if you can. Ask them what they are doing to help this situation, and what their plans are to prevent this from happening again.


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