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  • Josh Crowe

People Behind The Party: Underneath Collective

We’re back, after what’s felt like forever, with an event at Wharf Chambers. BabyStep is back for its first night back since lockdown. ‘We Will Dance Again’ was a motto we embraced during lockdown, in the hope that we will all be united in the near future in the club. We’ve been overwhelmed by all the messages since we announced our event. Thanks so much to anyone whose supported us and bought a ticket. You can still grab one HERE

It was important that this party welcomed artists on board who've helped us along the way. Whether it be performing at previous events, contributing with mixes or having been featured in the magazine. First up are the Underneath Collective, enjoy!

Introduce yourself?

We are the Underneath Collective, set up in Leeds just over three years ago. On the night, we’ll be represented by Art DLS and Big Jo who specialise in UKG and Grime but also spin Bassline, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and (nearly) everything in between.

What’s your relationship with BabyStep?

We collaborated with BabyStep for our second birthday, hosting a sell-out event at Old Red Bus Station which will live long in the memory.Underneath have played at a number of BabyStep events over the years so we have quite a close relationship with them.

What does Leeds mean to you and how has it helped you creatively?

This city is vital to the Underneath story, there are dozens of artists who have played under the Underneath name at events and house parties, and if none of us had moved here, Underneath would never have been a thing! We’ve been lucky to have close contact with a number of sick creatives over our time and it’s been important to us to feel part of a scene here.

What type of a set can we expect at Wharf Chambers?

You can expect an hour of UKG heaters, Grime and UK Funky, mixing 2-step and 4x4 riddims, with a sprinkling of wubz and wobblers to give that Underneath house party vibe.

Do you have a go-to tune when you play live?

Art DLS: Bit of a difficult question having not played for over a year! One tune that was never far away from getting a spin is Side by Side by Sir Spyro w/ Bossman Birdie, Big H and President T.

Big Jo: As Ruairí said, it’s a very difficult question but I would have to say Mind Blown - Arma. It’s such a good edit and the crowd recognises the sample immediately which always helps.

5 things for people to support in Leeds

● 1Forty - One of our favourite record labels out of the city and definitely one of the best around for Grime, UKG, Funky and Bass.

● Prescribe The Vibe - Collective out of Leeds hosting events, mixes and radio shows.

● Louis Byrne - Sick illustrator - check his insta @louis_illustration for evidence.

● The Fenton - speaks for itself really.

● Chills Myth & Precinct Phantom - Collaborators but sick artists in their own right, these two have played a couple of Underneath Events and smashed it each time.

This interview was written by Josh Crowe, head to his Instagram to read more content or get in touch about coverage.

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