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Optimism for Music Festivals as Health Secretary Suggests Return to Normality After Easter

A wave of optimism is set to hit the UK, following Matt Hancock's announcement regarding a potential vaccine rollout next month. As reported last week, preparations for vaccine distribution are in full swing following a successful phase 3 trial by pharmaceutical giants BioTech and Pfizer. Oxford University will now be joining them, after they revealed their own vaccine this morning that is up to 90% effective.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast this morning, the Health Secretary said: “Subject to that approval, we hope to be able to start vaccinating next month. The bulk of the vaccine rollout programme will be in January, February, March, and we hope that some time after Easter things will be able to start to get back to normal".

This, of course, creates huge excitement for many of the industries that have been struggling during this time, in particular the mass of festivals that take place in the UK every year. If successfully rolled out, alongside an implementation of mass testing, we could just see the return of the UK summer next year.


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