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Muva Earth Returns With DiVine Ascension

Listening to muva of Earth is like planting your feet in rich warm soil; blending spiritual mantras and conscious lyricism, her music is truly transformative. muva of Earth released her first single ‘Affirmation’ in 2019 and has been working hardon her debut EP since. ‘DiVine Ascension’ is muva of Earth’s first single from her debut EP coming out the 4th of August 2021.

“The meaning of DiVine Ascension is, for soul to be free... This is a protest song set with the intention to remind us HU mans that our original purpose on this Earth is to be free, and for us to flow in a way that is natural to us.

Beyond death, there is life!

We must live our lives to its most impeccable fullest so that when our time on this Earth is finished, We will be ready to

transcend and flow on.... to learn, new and unimaginable lessons“,muva of Earth is an alternative jazz singer and ASCENDING SOULSTRESS from South East London. Growing up in both London & Kent under the influence of Amy Winehouse and Beyoncé. Moving back to London in her teenage years marks an important moment for muva of Earth as she had the freedom to immerse herself into her music, from studying at college to gracing stages around London with her soulful croons. Today, the ever-evolving being is deeply inspired by Sun Ra, Sade, Björk and Fela Kuti. By connecting to her Yoruba roots, muva of Earth’s music explores the complexities of identity, the self and human connections over a bed of afrofuturistic rhythms and atmospheric horns.

She assumes creative control over her artistic identity, from her visuals through to her lyrics and production with

occasional help from the community. She also serves her community by creating safe spaces for healing and liberation

through her organisation “Babylon Chant Down”. Created in the midst of racial turmoil and conflict, the organisation aims to unite the AfriKan community through music, art and poetry.

This piece was written by Josh Crowe, head to his Instagram to read more content or get in touch about coverage.


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