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Mango Furs Set To Release New Single This Friday

Mango Furs are back, they've been one of our favourite bands over the past year. We got sent their stuff and were propelled into that Tame Impala vibe we've all grown to love. But make no mistake, this release is something far different. It touches into a poppier sound, that really shines a light on just how dynamic their sound is.

Their new track 'Mother Nature's Child' is set to submerge you into a world of dizzying psychedelic riffs, dreamy melodies, and an addictive vocal hook, the Beatle-esque vocals that are wonderfully tempered with a dreamy backdrop that you won’t want to miss out on. We genuinely can't wait for you to hear it, it'll go live on Friday, so be sure to stay tuned for that one!

When talking about the release, the band shared:

The overarching idea behind Mother Nature's Child is connection. It’s hard to imagine because we've become so detached due to technology, but everything natural around you is connected. You as a living being are a part of it. Although, with the barriers and mundane aspects of life It's become easy to pass by and not see.

Be sure to look out for the release over on the band Spotify here:


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