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**Headline: "The DSM IV Unleashes Mesmerizing Noise-Rock with New Album 'NEW AGE PARANOIA'**

Fronted by the enigmatic Guy McKnight, renowned for his time with The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The DSM IV has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the UK and European music scene. This Liverpool-formed band has captivated audiences with their hypnotic noise-rock and synth-pop industrial sound, delivering an otherworldly musical experience that leaves fans in awe.

Taking inspiration from the 'Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders vol IV,' the band embraces their name to shed light on mental health issues. Guy's personal experiences with mental health struggles have led him to see the importance of raising awareness and fighting against the stigma surrounding mental health.

Their latest album, 'NEW AGE PARANOIA,' is a mesmerizing collection of kaleidoscopic reflections. It weaves stories, beats, guitars, and noise into thought-provoking tracks exploring the duality of life, from joy and pain to dark and light.

The standout single, 'RECLAIM THE NIGHT,' immerses listeners in a powerful soundscape, combining electronic beats and synths with captivating lyrics. The song transports audiences to a dimension of liberation, encouraging self-expression and the rejection of judgment.

The DSM IV's music resonates with those seeking a kinder world and serves as an emotive call to action. Their artistry explores society's values and priorities while providing an entertaining and introspective experience for listeners.

Guy McKnight describes the album as a response to the mass media's projection of a frightening world, indulgence in violence and depravity by entertainment industries, and the pervasive influence of social media on self-perception. 'NEW AGE PARANOIA' questions the normalization of a narcissistic culture, challenging the pursuit of personal desires over altruism and contributive living.

With previous acclaim from media outlets such as CLASH and ROCK AND FOLK MAGAZINE, The DSM IV has been praised for their unique blend of Mark E Smith-style lyricism and proto-techno beats, creating an intoxicating mix of garage punk and futuristic sounds.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience The DSM IV's mesmerizing performances at upcoming gigs, including The Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes, Krankenhaus Festival in Cumbria, Shacklewell Arms in London, and Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. Get ready to be enchanted by their distinct and thought-provoking noise-rock."**


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