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Krooked Kings Release Third Studio Album 'Shiver'

Indie rock enthusiasts, the dynamic quintet Krooked Kings has officially released their much-anticipated third studio album, titled 'Shiver'. Known for their distinctive blend of upbeat indie rock fused with poppy notes and grunge-inspired guitar work, the band has once again delivered a project that resonates with fans old and new. 'Shiver' marks a significant milestone for the group, consisting of Oliver Martin, David Macey, Matthew Monossan, Paul Colgan, and Quinton Casper, as they continue to cement their place in the indie rock landscape with their unmatched versatility and authenticity.

The album 'Shiver' was conceived during a month-long retreat in a cozy house on the east side of Los Angeles in June 2023, where the band members lived together, reflecting on their journey and uncertainties about the future. This period of introspection and shared experiences became the fertile ground for the creation of 'Shiver', a project that intricately blends dynamic rhythms with melancholic undertones, drawing heavily from the band's life experiences, including their departure from the Mormon church and the solace they found in music.

Krooked Kings, who began their journey in 2018, have seen a evolution in their sound since their debut single 'Hesitation'. Their subsequent albums, 'The Comedown' and 'All Out of Good Days', have garnered widespread acclaim, propelling the band to new heights with their live performances and streaming success. 'Shiver' continues this trajectory, featuring singles like 'Headhunters', 'Off Again, On Again', and the recent hit 'Catacombs', each contributing to the album's unique sound and emotional depth.

Critics have lauded Krooked Kings for their authentic sound and unpretentious approach to music-making. METAL Magazine praised the band's single 'Catacombs' for its originality despite influences from bands like The Strokes or Bon Iver. Wonderland Magazine highlighted their grassroots beginnings and unique sound, while Rollacoaster celebrated their ability to capture the soul-soaked essence of their music.

The release of 'Shiver' is accompanied by the announcement of the ALL BANGERS Tour, with dates spanning from April to May across various U.S. cities, promising fans an electrifying live experience. The band's unapologetic narrative and explorative themes in their music reflect the nuanced journey of growing up in America, capturing the essence of being in one's twenties with raw emotion and relatable lyricism.

As Krooked Kings embark on this new chapter with 'Shiver', they continue to offer a safe space for expression and connection through their music, building a community based on understanding and mutual support. Their story is one of resilience, creativity, and the unyielding pursuit of joy amidst life's challenges, making 'Shiver' not just an album but a testament to the power of music as a form of therapy and connection.


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