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Kent's Neo Soul Prodigy, Chidimma, Unveils Debut Single "goin thru things"

Chidimma, the emerging neo soul singer-songwriter from Kent, makes a striking entry into the music scene with her debut single, "goin thru things." A collaboration with IAMRTB, who features and produces the track, this soulful composition serves as the final piece of her upcoming debut EP, 'Love, Chidimma.' The song is a poignant exploration of the emotional rollercoaster accompanying a first heartbreak, offering a universal narrative that resonates with those grappling with the aftermath of love's demise. We spoke to her as she reflected on her journey so far as an artist.

1. "Congratulations on the release of 'goin thru things.' Can you share the inspiration behind this track and how the collaboration with IAMRTB came about for your debut single?"

This song was inspired by my first real heartbreak. After that relationship ended, writing music was my outlet and it was the main thing that helped me to process my feelings. Goin thru things was specifically inspired by the experience of having to navigate my emotions, make sense of them and ultimately just get through them whilst accepting the fact that I may never truly get full closure. The collaboration with IAMRTB came about quite naturally, as we live in the same area. Around the time that I started working on the EP we met up and he shared this track with me, that I immediately connected with and wrote to. I felt like it was the perfect final track for my EP and I'm so happy that this is going to be my debut single!

2. "The song is described as a nostalgic reflection on the mix of emotions experienced during your first real heartbreak. How did you navigate the process of translating these complex feelings into lyrics and music, and what do you hope listeners take away from the emotional journey depicted in the song?"

Writing is a very interesting process for me, I think it's probably one of my favourite parts of the whole music-making process to be honest. Usually, when I hear a track it tends to connect to a memory for me and that's what I'll usually draw inspiration to write from. With goin thru things, that was exactly what happened when IAMRTB sent me the track. It connected to a very specific feeling that I was still navigating at the time, so writing about it was made easier. With my lyrics, I try to translate my feelings in a simple yet raw way, I use a lot of repetition in my songs for emphasis, to allow the listener to understand and relate to what I'm singing about. Although the writing process wasn't too long, because the emotions were fresh, it was hard because I was still processing as I was writing. The writing process kind of forced me to confront my feelings head-on, but I think that allowed me to be really honest in my lyrics. With this song as well, it was also interesting because I felt like it was more like a letter or a rant, than a song. Here I was really just getting all my emotions out and trying to make sense of it all. 

I hope that from this song, people take away the fact that it's okay to feel your emotions. Sometimes you won't understand what's gone on, and that's okay too. Take the time that you need to take, to heal. Heartbreak is really hard, and it's different for everybody so don't feel as though your process of going through it has to look like anyone else's. I would definitely say though, when you're in that place, if you're struggling to process what you're feeling, writing about it really does help. That's what I did!

3. "The production of 'goin thru things' features a careful blend of audial elements, including gentle keys and emphatic bass. How did you and IAMRTB work together to curate a sound that not only reflects your personal experience but also resonates with the listener on a deep emotional level?"

Once me and IAMRTB started working together, it was great because I feel like he really quickly got an idea of my sound and how I like to connect with my audience. The production of the track is quite stripped back and that really represents the honesty that I wanted to portray with this song. I didn't add any of my own backing vocals or anything to this track because I really just wanted the lyrics to be the focal point. IAMRTB's vocals in the background add an extra depth to the song which I think is exactly what was needed to show the layers of emotion I experienced. I feel like the distortion of his voice also represents the confusion I felt at the time I wrote this song. Everything just came together in the perfect way, he really got my vision and I'm hoping people can see it in the song too. I couldn't have worked with someone better on this honestly!

4. "As the final track on your upcoming debut EP 'Love, Chidimma,' how does 'goin thru things' fit into the broader narrative of the EP, and what themes or stories can we expect to explore in the full collection?"

Goin thru things is the final track on my upcoming debut EP 'Love, Chidimma' and in typical final track fashion I feel that it closes off the storyline of the EP really nicely. The EP tells the story of my experience in my last relationship, from being in love all the way through to heartbreak and finally to making peace with it. I'm really excited for it to come out, because each song is a different puzzle piece, and they all fit together to tell the overall story. Goin thru things was the perfect final track in my opinion, because I feel I really confronted all my emotions in this song, and also just made peace with the fact that I needed to work through them, that what I was feeling would pass, and especially in the final monologue, that God was in control. 

5. "Your vocals take center stage in 'goin thru things,' delivering a heartfelt performance that captures the beauty of love along with its trials. How do you approach conveying such intimate emotions through your singing, and what do you hope your audience feels when they listen to your music?"

When I'm recording or performing, I try my best to put myself in the mindset of when I was writing or when I was going through the experience I wrote about. That really helps me to convey emotion through my singing because I'm drawing from the memory itself. When my audience listen to my music, although it's heartbreak music, I don't want them to feel sad. I want my listeners to feel hopeful, and be reminded of the fact that there is hope, and so much joy after heartbreak! If I survived it, they can too!!

6. "The song explores the internal dialogue you had with yourself and God while processing your emotions. How does spirituality and personal reflection play a role in your songwriting, and how do these elements contribute to the authenticity of your work?"

My relationship with God definitely plays a huge role in my songwriting. Through my music and my lyrics, most of the time I'm honestly just conversing with God. I find that speaking to God helps me to reflect on life experiences on a deeper level, and be completely honest with myself. Being able to reflect on my experiences in this way helps me to lay all my cards on the table and be my authentic self with my listeners. 

7. "'goin thru things' marks the beginning of your journey, and your trajectory has you set to become a household name in the world of Neo soul. How do you envision your impact on the Neo soul genre, and what can your fans anticipate from your future releases?"

I really want to have a wide-reaching impact on neo-soul and contribute to it being a lot more visible in the UK. There are so so many talented neo-soul and r&b artists that are coming into their own in the UK right now, so if I can be part of helping to push that new wave I would be so happy! I also want to bring a new perspective to love and heartbreak music, it can be hopeful, it doesn't always have to be sad. My fans can look forward to another single early next year ahead of my EP release towards the end of Spring! I'm hoping to continue my run of performances into 2024, and fans can definitely look out for my first headline show next year too! My releases next year will also see me experimenting a bit with my sound and blending some genres which I'm hoping listeners will love! 


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