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Joe Little: Tracks That Shaped My Sound

Diving into the realm of creative brilliance, Joe Little's extraordinary music video stands as a testament to the power of artistic collaboration. With over 500 acrylic hand-painted frames meticulously crafted by a team of more than 20 diverse artists, the video weaves a compelling visual narrative. Through their captivating artwork and unique editing, it skillfully encapsulates the intricate and multifaceted nature of an inner voice. The video takes the audience on a journey through the artists' evolving inner turmoil and introspective dialogues, all while navigating the complex landscape of impending love's loss. We spoke to him about the tracks that shaped his sound, enjoy!


Pj Harvey - Good Fortune

An entrancing personality and the person who opened my eyes to music, I’ll love her till I die.

Radiohead - Exit Music For a Film

This song was the first time I transcended music, and this album, its artwork and its production was a hugely educational experience for me (as it has been for many people). I've always respected Radiohead for both their skill and their artistic restlessness.

Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues

The movie and soundtrack expanded my mind by 100 times when I saw it as a kid. Growing up in Leicester it suddenly filled my head with possibilities and visions of a future me. Adding to that, it’s a masterpiece - it’s unbelievable that this movie was released over 40 years ago and still sounds like the future, and that it continues to inspire producers of every generation (myself included) today.

Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Soul Fire

I believe Lee Perry to be one of the few instances I’ll use the word ‘genius’. Totally visionary, totally self made, and always humble even once he’d become established as an icon. He was never afraid to be different and always unashamedly himself - a total inspiration.


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