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Izzi De Rosa Smashes the Charts with Debut Single 'Love and Roulette'

From performing at Royal Park Pub, Leeds, to landing a Top 10 spot in the iTunes Charts with her debut single, Izzi De Rosa is killing it right now. This week the London-based singer released her very first track Love and Roulette, a colourful pop number that brilliantly reflects her energy and style.

Within 48 hours, Izzi's single cemented its success by coming in at No.9 on the iTunes Chart and gaining over 70k streams on Spotify. The song has been massively enjoyed on TikTok too, with her 124k followers and 2 million likes propelling the song to even greater heights. The exciting thing for Izzi De Rosa is that this is very much the beginning - her signing to label Atlantic Records this month, alongside this release, marks the start of a very exciting journey.

You can stream Love and Roulette down below.


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