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Irish producer Sloucho arrived on the dance music circuit like a melancholic glitter-bomb in a concrete mill last year with ‘Hold It Down’; a cinematic-stepper that flirted with influences of hyper-pop, future-R&B and post-dubstep and lends inspiration from Burial to Two Shell on a track that sounds very much represents the future-facing, cross-pollination of modern electronic music.

Exploring the concept of duality, Sloucho (much like fellow Irish musician pigbaby, co-signed by Frank Ocean collaborator Vegyn) is exploring various forms of identity which allows them to express themselves in a way that their typical human form could not. The artist’s latest video sees them shapeshift into an oxymoron - a devilishly angelic horned-creature(costume designed by friend and collaborator Ríon Hannora) whose eye-catching modernism is only enhanced further as the sounds of dual single Readymade/Everything inspire a dance floor sugar-rush.

“Creating new identities allows for new stories and tales to emerge and intertwine, and those stories will eventually create an interconnected world where I can hopefully retire to some day”, they say. “Escapism sometimes comes with negative connotations but real life is boring, I want to create my imagination and then live in it.”

Anthemic tendencies, bootleg-ish manipulated vocals and Gen-Z avant-garde inspiration blend in a kaleidoscope of colour reminiscent of Austrian producer salute whilst also maintaining a helium-sucking hyper-pop flavour (think SOPHIE meets Joy Orbison) that very much feels like the sound of the current-gen of forward-thinking artists. Playing even more into the concept of split characters and personalities, the set-design for Sloucho’s video plays just as important a role in the artists digi-environment. Shot in costume designer Hannora’s slow-fashion and zero-waste studio, the room is filled with odd knick-knacks and random objects that only enhance Sloucho’s cute, glitter-bombed ecosystem further. Straying away from the elitism of modern dance music in favour of something imaginative and fun, Sloucho is playing with the perception of the internet-persona, refusing to attach one face to the music and and instead exploring the idea of dimensionality; creating a dream-world that is entirely their own and where it’s residents are free to be totally themselves.

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