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Introducing: Odox

Introducing Odox, a rising star in the music scene who had a breakthrough year in 2022. His debut single of the year garnered over 300,000 streams and earned him spots at major festivals such as MADE Festival in Wolverhampton and Hockley Hustle in Nottingham. His first single of 2022, "I See Red," went viral on TikTok, inspiring over 50,000 videos, including those made by JD Sports and Manchester United.

As a DIY independent artist, Odox has achieved impressive success, amassing over 400,000 streams without the backing of a label. His performances have spanned across cities in the UK and international stages in Amsterdam and Berlin, showcasing his wide-reaching appeal.

Exciting times lie ahead forOdox with a new single dropping on the 31st of May and plans to release new music biweekly throughout the summer. Join us as we delve into his journey, inspirations, and what's next in his burgeoning career.

1. You have a unique and diverse range of influences, from Bob Marley and Linkin Park to Chopin and Skepta. How do these varied inspirations shape your music, and how do you blend these different styles in your production process?

I think listening to a wide range of music is so necessary. Listening to one genre would be the same as a chef who only ate one type of cuisine or an actor that only watches one genre of film. Why limit the potential enjoyment that we can receive from the things we consume be it food or art? 

It helped me see music as art with different interpretations that have just been boxed into genres. Once you look beyond those genres I believe you are free to create in an unbound way. There’s something freeing about not examining your creation while creating it , leave that for the person listening to it. It enables spontaneous, authentic and new things to happen that’s where the magic is. 

2. As a self-taught artist who produces all of your music in your home studio, can you share some insights into your creative process and how you bring your artistic vision to life?

I am big fan of the home studio. It works for me because it gives me the freedom to make music anytime I can , try new and weird ideas without the feeling of being watched and it’s comfortable , I can make songs barefoot in basketball shorts and a vest without a care in the world. I think that all adds to the level of authenticity I’m able to offer. 

Often times what I’ve found now days is that I tend to make a beat first and might start getting lyrics in my mind while I’m still making the beat. It might then take me 30 minutes or a day or 5 days to chop and edit the raw version of the song , maybe replace parts until I’ve crafted the final version. 

3. Your debut single of 2022 amassed over 300k streams and went viral on TikTok, with over 50,000 videos made to it, including by JD Sports and Manchester United. How did it feel to achieve such widespread recognition, and how has this success impacted your career?

It was crazy to say the least. Everyday I saw it grow and get used by more and more people. At the time I didn’t know how to claim the success , like it didn’t feel right commenting on every single video saying “hey this is my song thanks for using it”. So instead I was just along for the ride and watching it grow. I still can’t believe it’s been listened to and is still being listened to by people across the world. So thank you if you’re reading. 

Industry wise it definitely got me some opportunities, and attention. It’s also had huge impact mentally. It’s shown me it’s possible and that doing this organically you’ll never know what song will blow up it’s just a matter of creating what you love and holding no expectations. 

4. You prioritize the feel of a song over fitting it into a specific genre. Can you elaborate on this approach and how it influences the way you create and experience music?

Yeah so I believe that feelings transcend genre in music and art. You can tell a sad song regardless of the genre. And unlike genre feelings are something that we can all resonate with. So I do my best to capture what I’m feeling and shape the song around that , from the instruments , to my tone of voice , the lyrics and the mix all in an attempt to capture a feeling that others may relate to and find their own meaning of the song.

5. With your new single dropping on May 31st and more music being released biweekly throughout the summer, what can fans expect from your upcoming releases, and how do these new tracks reflect your growth as an artist?

People can expect the best music I’ve ever made and I mean that whole heartedly - not as a flex. I’m in love with the new stuff , from the production , samples , lyrics and mix. I’ve been on a journey and feel these next few songs really show my growth as an artist. More genre bending , more honesty and more experimentation. 


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