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Ida Mae Returns with Swaggering New Single Wild Flying Dove

British indie-blues-rock duo Ida Mae is back with their infectious new single, "Wild Flying Dove," a mesmerizing preview of their highly-anticipated third studio album 'Thunder Above You.' Following the success of "Lost On Your Time" and "My Whispers Are Wildfire," this latest offering showcases their signature heady mix of indie and blues, complete with vibrant dual vocals and swinging grooves.

The duo, known for their captivating live performances, will be hitting the road for a UK tour from late November to early December, with festival appearances at Summer Sounds Festival, Big Feastival, and Greenbelt Festival in August. Additionally, they'll be treating fans across Europe with a series of dates in early November.

Discussing the inspiration behind "Wild Flying Dove," Ida Mae shared their creative process, "We pulled a line from an old folk song, infusing it with a tougher, stronger female character. The song embodies a love-struck, Bonnie & Clyde-esque obsession, drawing influence from the Rolling Stones, Hendrix, and early folk songs. The recording was captured live, with all parts improvised on the spot, resulting in a thrilling musical journey."

While fans eagerly await the album's release on October 6th (moved back due to logistical challenges), "Wild Flying Dove" provides an exciting glimpse into what promises to be a remarkable and genre-blending record. With their undeniable talent and passion for pushing musical boundaries, Ida Mae continues to solidify their position as one of the most exciting names in contemporary music.

Tickets for their UK tour are now on sale, offering music enthusiasts a chance to experience Ida Mae's electrifying performances live. Don't miss the opportunity to catch this dynamic duo as they take the stage and unleash their infectious indie-blues-rock magic.


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