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Green Man Festival Kicks Off in Spectacular Style

(Green Man effigy 2023 - credit: Nici Eberl)

The dawn broke over the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park, as the iconic Black Mountains stood sentinel over the tents that dotted the landscape. The memories of an electrifying Thursday night lingered in the air, marking the start of an unforgettable journey for Green Man festival attendees.

The night was ignited by the dazzling headline performance of UK psychedelic pioneers, Spiritualized. With the Far Out stage packed to the brim, the band cast a spellbinding aura that enraptured the audience. Their catalog of music resonated with a captivated crowd, marking a singular performance from a remarkable UK group.

(Undoubtedly Ethereal: Spiritualized on the Far Out stage - credit: Nici Eberl)

Preceding Spiritualized, the North London trio Girl Ray graced the Far Out stage with a set of finely crafted indie-pop tracks that set the crowd in motion. Earlier in the afternoon, Plastic Mermaids kicked off the festivities with a genre-blurring set, seamlessly weaving through dance, folk, jazz, and pop.

(Captivating Vibes: Girl Ray on the Far Out stage - credit: Parri Thomas)

As the sun cast its glow on the picturesque Walled Garden, the band Sister Wives combined mesmerizing proggy riffs with enchanting Welsh lyrics. Meanwhile, The Bug Club followed suit at the Walled Garden, dishing out bouncing garage-rock energy that resonated well into the night, endorsed by the acclaim of Marc Riley.

(Enigmatic Fusion: Sister Wives on the Walled Garden stage - credit: Parri Thomas)

Yet, the festival wasn't just about delivering musical excellence. The celebrated Little Folk area took on an Ancient Egypt theme, captivating the youngest members of the Green Man family with papyrus making classes, family yoga, and captivating shows.

The festival ambiance was enhanced by visual art installations nestled within the tranquil forest, while the bustling Courtyard bar catered to thirsty festival-goers with an array of independently brewed beers and ciders. The curtain rises on another thrilling day, promising a headline performance from post-punk legends Devo, the genre-bending brilliance of Mercury-nominated Jockstrap, the awe-inspiring Jazz of The Comet Is Coming, and the soul-soothing sounds of Rozi Plain.

In the Babbling Tongues area, Santham Sanghera will share his insights, discussing his Wolverhampton childhood and exploring themes from his impactful non-fiction work, "Empireland." The much-anticipated Einstein’s Garden, Green Man’s renowned science haven, unveils a world of eye-opening installations and mind-expanding talks, promising yet another layer of intrigue to this extraordinary festival experience.


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