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Glass Violet Drops Debut Single 'Come By' as Prelude to Upcoming EP

Prepare for an introspective musical voyage as Glass Violet, the Bristol-based Alternative duo, announces the release of their debut single 'Come By' on Friday, August 25th, 2023. Serving as the opening track from their upcoming 8-track EP, the song offers a glimpse into themes of nostalgia, the transition from youth, and contemplative night musings.

'Too Late to Come By' sets the tone for Glass Violet's entry into the music scene. Recorded in late 2022 under the guidance of Alex from Glass Violet as producer, the track underwent the mixing expertise of Eduardo de la Paz (recognized for his work with Arcade Fire and The National), and mastering by Nick Brine (known for contributions to Oasis and Stone Roses).

Glass Violet, consisting of Alex John (Producer, Guitar) and Tom Hurdiss (Lead Vocals, Guitar), draws inspiration from bands like Arcade Fire, The Killers, and The Strokes. Their music blends soaring riffs and emotive breakdowns, capturing the essence of their influences. Following successful live shows, nationwide radio play, and media recognition, Glass Violet focused on crafting their debut EP, with plans to return to the stage later this year.

"'Too Late to Come By' marked the inception of our project, ignited by the introductory riff that became the cornerstone of the track. It felt natural for this to be our debut single, bridging our earlier releases and the fresh sonic territory explored in the upcoming EP," Alex John, the driving force behind Glass Violet, explains.

As Glass Violet's musical journey unfolds, 'Come By' offers a preview of their upcoming EP, promising a compelling showcase of their artistic prowess. Stay tuned for an evocative experience that invites listeners to delve into a world of emotion and reflection.


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