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Getting To Know: Floss Jordan

1. "Congratulations on the upcoming release of 'Turbulence.' Can you share the inspiration behind the track and what listeners can expect from this latest addition to your discography?"

Turbulence was inspired by a past relationship and the feelings involved when someone is intent on creating ‘waves’ and provoking a reaction. It explores the swirling emotions of this sometimes romantic but volatile relationship. Expect cinematic and orchestral sounds from the composition, and a powerful emotive vocal which tells the story of this turbulent relationship.

2. "'Turbulence' seems to blend genres and draw influences from artists like Christine & the Queens and Björk. How do these influences shape your unique sound, and what do you hope to convey through the evocative orchestral and cinematic pop feel of the song?"

I am inspired by many artists, Björk and Christine and the Queens are both very creative and innovative with their work. They both incorporate aspects of alternative dance and contemporary classical music. Turbulence was described as genre defying recently on BBC Introducing which meant a lot to me. I would like my music to combine styles, express other art forms and convey emotion, dance and beautiful classical sounds.

3. "The lyrics of 'Turbulence' delve into the complexities of relationships, expressing the tension between seeking calmness and embracing volatility. How personal is this song to you, and how does your own life and experiences contribute to your songwriting process?"

This song is very personal to me and was influenced by a previous relationship where my partner at the time would create tension between us which they felt would keep the connection alive, whereas I wanted stability and calmness. I definitely write a lot of music inspired by my personal life experiences, however I also draw inspiration from art, nature and dance and create metaphors that I feel would work well as a song.

4. "Your music has garnered attention from BBC Introducing, Popjustice, Metal Magazine, and the blogosphere. How does this recognition impact your creative journey, and what role do these platforms play in reaching a broader audience?"

I am so grateful for all the support so far. It means a lot to me when my music is streamed, written about or played on the radio, it also encourages me to keep creating and writing music. The platforms help artists like me reach a broader audience and I hope my music will resonate with listeners in some way.

5. "Having trained as a dancer and performed with artists like Charli XCX and Years & Years, how does your background in dance influence your approach to music, both in terms of performance and the overall artistic expression?"

Dance has a huge impact on my overall artistic expression. I trained as a ballerina and I love the orchestral classical sounds of the ballet and opera. I also worked professionally as a commercial dancer and really enjoyed performing with commercial artists. I like to incorporate the contrast of classical and contemporary pop music in my writing and production. I am currently working on my live set and would like to experiment with contemporary dance and for the experience to include music, dance and art.

6. "As an international DJ, you've played sets for various renowned brands and venues. How does your experience as a DJ inform your songwriting and vice versa, and do you see these two aspects of your artistic identity influencing each other?"

Djing has been an amazing journey so far and I have discovered many more genres of music and continue to find new music. There are so many incredible artists and I find it very inspiring. It has also shown me how subjective music is but also how universal music can be. There are particular tracks that nearly always get the dancefloor going, which I find very interesting, and I wonder what it is about these tracks that have that magic and ability to get a whole room dancing! I am currently working on my own dance music which I am very excited to release in the near future. It draws influence from my singing, songwriting, dancing and djing which I believe will show my journey as an artist so far and includes all elements of my artistry.

7. "You've had a diverse career, including modeling for London Fashion Week and featuring in commercials. How do these experiences outside of the music realm contribute to your creative perspective, and do they influence the themes or visuals associated with your music?"

I love dance and fashion and I believe working in these industries have contributed to my artistry in one way or another. I like to include dance, art and fashion in my visuals and performances and I’m looking forward to developing further and evolving as an artist.


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