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Getting To Know: Bollo Bollo

1. Your debut EP, 'I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This,' received critical acclaim, showcasing a blend of influences from Foals, Tame Impala, and Idles. How do you think your sound has evolved with your sophomore EP, 'Say It Twice,' and what can listeners expect from this new release?

It sounds cliche but our sound has matured since the first ep. And when compared to 'IGAGFAT' it is clear that everything has been taken up a notch on 'Say it twice'. We've stepped up the songwriting, the instrumentation and the production to make a set of songs that we are incredibly proud of. 

There is definitely a darker vibe to these 6 tracks and a consistent feel throughout the production of to make this feel like a complete set of work. But despite that we threw the rulebook out of the window when it came to writing these songs and explored loads of different sounds and genres. That's why our funkiest song ever is followed by our punkiest song ever. And that might be why I feel so proud of this EP. We have stayed authentically us, pulling all our influences together to make a set of songs that define what Bollo Bollo is.


2.The single 'Sad Isn't Ugly' carries a powerful message about mental health and the acceptance of sadness. Could you share more about the inspiration behind the song, especially the connection to insomnia, and how it fits into the broader themes explored in your music?

The aim with a lot of our songs is to basically not beat around the bush and speak directly about certain themes. There’s no point in pretending to be someone you’re not and Sad isn’t Ugly straight up tackles something that many people can relate to, i myself included felt genuinely moved by Brads lyricism on this track in particular, he really hits the nail on the head with how it feels to have insomnia and I feel like that is our ultimate goal, to make our listeners feel seen and accepted. Mental health is so important and if we can help anyone in some sort of way be it through our music or even if you want to reach out to us personally, we will always have the time.


3.The lyrics in 'Sad Isn't Ugly' paint a vivid picture of someone struggling with insomnia, using the imagery of a late-night beverage with "milk, no sugar, two stress one dread." How do personal experiences, like your struggles with insomnia, shape the storytelling and atmosphere in your songwriting?

I think when you are directly relating to something you are writing about, it can go one of two ways. Either you find it really easy to explain what you are feeling or the opposite and it’s near impossible to get the words out. When writing, myself, I can usually get the thoughts to paper pretty easily as I’d like to think I’m very open with how I’m feeling. This isn’t something that has come easily though and our track “Mental Mirror” from the first EP was definitely a massive step in writing more honestly and in a more raw sense. I’m very grateful I have this as an outlet for my darker thoughts as I find it really does help and I understand not a lot of people have that luxury of being able to express their feelings so easily. Although, it’s not always my personal struggles that inspire this songwriting, but other people who surround me. “Sad isn’t ugly” for example was inspired by someone very close to me who was going through something really tough at the time and no words seemed to help them in the moment. That was when I came up with the chorus.


4. Beyond the music, Bollo Bollo collaborated with the independent recycling business 'Mull' to create sustainable merchandise in the form of combs made from recycled plastic. How did this collaboration come about, and how does it align with the overarching message of your music, especially in the context of the closing track 'Forever Stay'?

This was a super cool experience and we are so lucky to have been offered this opportunity! This came about from one of our Managers friends Charlie who had seen us a few times and seemed to really enjoy the music. She owns a sustainable company called ‘Müll’ where she collects plastic of all colours and breaks it down into flakes that she then re-melts into various items. When she found out about “Forever stay” and the strong message behind it regarding the environment. She was all for it and we got together to make our own “Bollo Bollo” mix of colours to melt down.

Unsurprisingly our mix revolved around the colour orange at the core. The environment is such an important thing to myself and all of us, we understand that it is near impossible for one person to “save the world” but if everyone thinks that way then nothing will change. So the core message behind the track is, no we are not small and no we are not an island, we are together in this and if we all do a little bit it will conclude to something massive. A lot like what Charlie is doing with ‘Müll’ we just hope in selling these combs and telling her story it can inspire more and spread the word. Sometimes lyrics in a song aren’t direct enough for people to get the message so with these physical items maybe it can penetrate the minds of more people who happen to stumble across our music. 


5.The second EP, 'Say It Twice,' is described as grittier than your debut, showcasing a more direct and distinct sound. How did you approach the creative process for this EP, and what elements did you intentionally emphasize to capture the whimsical and playful nature of your earlier work?

When it came to writing a few of the first demos and ideas for this EP I never really had a direct sound or approach in mind, it’s just what happens in the moment although I feel like a lot of it naturally came off the back of some of our favourite elements from the first EP, but this time around approached with a lot more confidence, dialling in to certain sounds that make it feel like a far more cohesive body of work. When I recorded the first demo of ‘Say It Twice’ or as it was formally known ‘Marmite Crumbs’ for instance, it was to me a quick throwaway idea I didn’t really think much of at the time, but I sent it to the boys anyway in which they immediately hit back with ways to take it to another level. That’s the beauty of it all, I feel like there will always be a playful nature in our music as we’re genuinely just 4 best mates pissing about doing what we love and enjoying every moment, we feel very strongly about the writing process being 100% collaborative, no one’s idea is ever left unheard, I feel like that really shows within our music and especially this EP, we’re already chipping away at the next one!


6.Your music is noted for its textured production, intricate instrumentation, high energy, and thought-provoking lyricism. How do these elements translate from the recorded versions into your live performances, and what can audiences expect when experiencing Bollo Bollo in a live setting?

We all enjoy getting into the 'nitty gritty' when it comes to the production element of our music. Most of our rehearsals involve a lot of playing around with pedals to create ambient soundscapes starkly juxtaposed with crushing distortion synth-like effects to melt off your face. We bring a lot of this creativity into the recording process and try to experiment with as many tonal variants as possible to keep the songs interesting for us and the listener. 

Our live sound can be described as energetic, cheeky and fun with an equal dose of ambience, emotion and havoc. Be sure to expect huge riffs, saucy bass lines and choruses to sing your heart out to.


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