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Getting To Know: Baby Said

Baby Said is making a dynamic entrance into the music scene, defying norms and expectations right from the start. Despite not having released a single track yet, the duo has already conquered 200 stages across the UK, securing a direct deal with Lucia Wade at ITB, the booking agent for their musical idols, Maneskin (whose name also inspired theirs). What's more, they're currently crafting their debut album with top UK indie/rock/pop producers and writers: Damon Minchella (Chappaqua Wrestling), Patch & Steve Battelle (McFly), and Lewis Gardiner (Twin Atlantic).

Comprising the exceptionally talented Italian/Punjabi sisters, Veronica (19) and Jess Pal (17), Baby Said is gearing up to drop their inaugural track, "FIGHT." This pop-rock anthem embodies resilience, authenticity, and societal disruption, set to release under Pal Records. Collaborating with seasoned producer Gethin Pearson (Orla Gartland, Crystal Fighters) during an inspiring journey to Wales, the duo channeled their shared experiences as young female artists in a male-dominated industry into the creation of "FIGHT."

Jess Pal shares the motivation behind the track, stating, "Our song 'FIGHT' is about all the times that we were gigging as our cover band when some groups of men didn't believe that we could play before we even started...we won't let anyone stop us from doing what we love."

Adding a captivating visual layer to their musical narrative, the accompanying visuals for "FIGHT" draw inspiration from the counterculture visuals of the 1990s, showcasing distorted circular imagery. It's a reminder that their artistry extends beyond sound, encompassing a holistic visual and emotional experience.

Veronica and Jess Pal's musical journey traces back to their early years, with Veronica picking up the acoustic guitar at age 6 and Jess starting on the acoustic guitar at 4. Their musical synergy led to the formation of Baby Said after a summer of busking in 2021. From local venues to over 200 gigs nationwide and the birth of their covers band, AstroModa, the sisters have honed their skills and confidence.

In March 2023, Baby Said joined forces with Big Hug Management, marking a significant milestone in their career. Drawing inspiration from their favorite band Måneskin, they chose the name "Baby Said" and are now set to make a seismic impact with their debut release, "FIGHT." As empowering messengers of self-belief and determination, Baby Said is poised to be one of the breakout acts in 2024, firmly establishing themselves as Ones to Watch in the music industry.


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