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Getting To Know: Adult DVD

Adult DVD are a band who formed originally as a product of lockdown boredom, rheir music an escape from the humdrum existence we found ourselves trapped in. The band thta is made up of friends Harry Hanson and Greg Lonsdale saw the two experimenting with synths and writing over the internet together. As musical ideas blossomed into fully-fledged songs, further members Jonathan Newell, Danny Blackburn, Jake Williams and George Manson joined and the full band became a reality. They've since played plethora of shows, and have become well-revered on the Leeds music scene alongside acts like Yard Act and English Teacher We spoke to the band ahead of the release of their track Sadman Mancave,

Happy new year, how do you reflect on last year as a band - any aims for this one?

HH: Happy new year to you too! Last year was very fun for us: we released new music, played a load of shows, and met some great people. More of the same in 2023!

What is the story of the band forming?

GL: Lockdown boredom, friends with synths and no idea. Where did the idea for the track come back?

HH: The track is based around a patch I made on a 303, the world's best squelchy noise. I was listening to a lot of Acid at the time, an unhealthy amount of Paranoid London's first LP. GL: We wanted to do an acid track but more aggressive and with real drums. Once we had that 303 bass down, the track was super easy to write. Originally we didn't have a vocal on it and played it instrumental live for ages. It was only when we recorded the track, we decided it needed a vocal.

What inspired the track? HH: We’ve always found it a bit funny how men of a certain age decide one day they want to build a man cave or bar in their back garden. So, it only seemed fitting to stick that concept as the vocal hook in a quite aggressive dance tune If you could each bring only one track to the mancave what would it be?

HH: I think I could listen to Blur's 'There's no other way' everyday for the rest of my life. There is something about that track that instantly cheers me up.

But I guess it's a Sadman Mancave so I should have picked something sad, sorry! Maybe some Keaton Henson, his music has the ability to question your life's existence, in a good way!

Your music is incredibly remix friendly - who is a dream artist you'd love to remix on of your tunes? GL: Soulwax, I think I can speak on behalf of all of us. The track is very tounge in cheek - do you think it's important as a band to not take thing too seriously? HH: Our last single was about Bill Murray and Tom Hanks being the same person, we haven't got the best track record of serious songs. We do actually take things seriously really, but it's six good friends together in a room having the best time. Where would be the three music related spots you'd recommend to people visiting Leeds for the first time?

GL: Brudenell social club, Belgrave Music Hall and Leeds University Stylus. There's also a cool spot in Meanwood called Lightspace, they have started putting on some shows!

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