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Gav King: From Punk Legend to Solo Stardom with 'Skeletons'

Bristol's punk scene has been a beacon of rebellion and raw talent since the late '70s, with Gav King and his band Private Dicks leading the charge. Now, almost half a century later, King is striking out on his own with the release of his debut solo album, 'Skeletons,' out March 29th, 2024, on Heartbeat Records. This marks a bold new chapter for the musician known for his seething vocals and the infectious energy of Private Dicks.

Produced by Neil Taylor, the renowned guitarist for Tears For Fears and Robbie Williams, 'Skeletons' promises eight tracks of dark, catchy post-punk anthems. With the help of Paul Guiver, Dicks’ guitarist and King's lifelong friend, the album delves into reflective themes, influenced by King's reevaluation of his life and the current state of the world, all through the lens of the recent pandemic.

The lead single 'Profiled,' released on March 22nd, is a deeply personal narrative about King's astonishing realization that he inspired the character Gary King in Simon Pegg's 2013 film, The World's End. "Each song on 'Skeletons' is about significant moments in my life. 'Profiled' reflects the shock and flattery of seeing aspects of my life portrayed on screen," King shares.

After a hiatus and various musical endeavors, including a stint with River Street and the resurgence of Private Dicks in Japan, King's solo venture comes as a surprise, even to him. Yet, 'Skeletons' is a testament to his enduring talent and adaptability, mixing the raw essence of Bristol's punk with introspective lyricism and sophisticated production.

As 'Skeletons' releases on limited edition vinyl this Friday, fans old and new are invited to explore the depths of Gav King's musical psyche. With decades of stories and a fresh perspective, King's solo debut is not just a collection of songs but a journey through the life of a punk icon who's not done making waves yet.


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