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England Faces a Second Round of Lockdown as West Yorkshire Moves into Tier 3

As West Yorkshire joins other northern regions in moving to Tier 3, facing even tighter Coronavirus restrictions, there have been recent reports of another nation-wide lockdown looming for early next week. PM Boris Johnson is said to be considering this decision following an exponential increase in the spread of COVID-19, with newly confirmed cases reaching 24,405 on Friday. The change in approach comes despite the insistence from No.10 that regional lockdowns were working, with the notable decision from France and Germany to move to a national approach - with their cases on a similar level to ours. And in a bid to save Christmas, the government are under pressure to act fast.

The potential tightening of restrictions follow the recent announcement that West Yorkshire, including Leeds, will move into Tier 3 from Monday, following weeks of negotiations between Leeds City Council and the Government. As well as the already implemented Tier 2 rules, Leeds will see a closure of all pubs and bars, unless serving a "substantial meal" alongside alcohol. The rule of 6 will be maintained both inside and out, with only public spaces such as parks and beaches allowing mixing between households.

So what would another round of Lockdown look like? Reintroducing the "stay at home" mantra, there will be a closure of all pubs, bars and restaurants, as well as the urge for everyone to work from home. The only exceptions will be essential shops and educational organisations such as schools and universities. It is expected that the PM will make this announcement on Monday.


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