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Dutch producer Baril releases debut album For You, Forever via Intercept records

Fast-rising Dutch producer, Baril, returns to Intercept Records with the emphatic release of his debut album, For You, Forever. Set for release June 23rd, the project see’s Baril build upon his chillwave approach to dance music which serves as a warm embrace to listeners. Merging contemporary songwriting with a plethora of electronic influences, the album transcends ambient, breakbeat, and Deep House - the result is one that fits perfectly both on the dancefloor, as well as home listening. The project arrives two years on from his six track EP ‘One More Rush’ which gained the artist worldwide recognition from the likes of Bicep and Fred Again.

What’s instantly clear throughout For You, Forever’s nine tracks is the deeply emotive undertones of the album. Spearheaded by the artist's desire to spend as long as required in the studio, without a deadline, until he was truly satisfied with the messaging behind the release. Through a range of stunning vocal deliveries and an often atmospheric production style, this concept is brought to life. It’s a style reminiscent of Bicep, Caribou, and Four Tet, where the lines between dance music and the mainstream become blurred and the resulting possibilities are endless.

Conceptually, For You, Forever serves as a love letter to the artist’s fans, whilst offering a heartwarming embrace to anyone listening who was unfamiliar with his work prior. Baril’s devotion to all those who consume his creative output is the cornerstone of his artistic identity and therefore he wants to make the best possible music not only for himself, but also for his fans. Such dedication also spearheaded the album title, which openly declares this sentiment to the world.

On his creative thought process behind the album, Baril proclaims:“I wanted to make an album that felt really personal to me. Therefore I really thought about what I find important when listening to electronic music. It had to feel energetic, yet also melancholic. Something you could listen to with your eyes closed on the couch, but also something you could dance to when hearing it live. It had to feel sweet, but also tough. Make you laugh or cry.”

For You, Forever will be steadily released over the course of four months with four emotionally charged singles that offer listeners a glimpse of what's to come. The first of which lands on March 1st in the form of ‘I Need You’. Followed by ‘Are You With Me’ on March 22nd, ‘Something’ is set to land April 26th, before ‘Feel This Way’ completes the run of singles from the album on May 24th.

For Baril, For You, Forever marks the culmination of a lifelong ambition to create an album and one that he’s particularly proud of. In fact, upon Fred Again’s visit to Amsterdam last year, he visited Baril’s studio to create music and was the first person to hear the album in full. After giving his seal of approval, Fred Again shared Baril’s music on Instagram and the young talent saw his followers double overnight. Such feedback gave the artist an additional sense of belief in the album and everyone at Intercept Records is excited to hear people’s response to the project.


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