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Today, the rising star of New York City's bedroom indie-pop scene, denn., continues to enchant listeners with his mesmerizing acoustic guitar strums and euphonic vocals on his latest track, 'uh uh uh uh UH?'

Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of 'uh uh uh uh UH?' by clicking the link below:

Sharing the inspiration behind this soul-stirring single, denn. reveals, "uh uh uh uh UH?" is a desperate cry veiled in pop brightness, unraveling the illusions of obsessive relationships. It delves into the realization of being mistreated and deserving more, shedding light on individuals who mask their true intentions while draining you for their own validation. It serves as a poignant reminder that the ultimate "fuck you" is not a destructive war but a triumphant letting go, focusing on self-improvement and reflection to regain self-worth and overcome those who caused pain.

Having burst onto the scene in 2022, denn. has swiftly crafted a discography that aligns with the core of his artistry, featuring songs that resonate with his Gen Z audience. Addressing deeply rooted topics, he establishes himself as an artist who connects authentically with his listeners.

'uh uh uh uh UH?' follows the success of his recent release, 'it's happening,' described by tastemakers The Line of Best Fit as built on "quivering and heavenly vocals spilling out confessions with an earnest vulnerability." Denn. maintains the momentum, offering today's single, equally authentic and captivating as its predecessor.

Denn.'s musical journey, though still evolving, reflects a commitment to truthful expression. Drawing inspiration from artists like Conan Gray and Beabadoobee, he aspires to create music that speaks to personal experiences while resonating with others. His debut single, 'Control,' released at the end of 2022, set the tone with confrontational lyrics inspired by the escapist honesty of Phoebe Bridgers. Subsequent tracks such as 'Eat Me' and 'rottenteeth' explore themes of heartbreak and mental health battles, garnering support and encouragement from fans.

As denn. continues to navigate uncertainty and embrace the future, his music remains a beacon of honesty and vulnerability in the vast landscape of indie-pop.


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