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By George: Tracks That Shaped Our Sound

Originally from Charlotte, NC, By George is an up-and-coming rock band in the North Carolina music scene. Combining traditional rock with modern alternative concepts, By George continues to build a new and exciting sound for all audiences. Ahead of the release of their upcoming single 'Relax', we spoke to the band about the tracks that shaped their sound.

Geek U.S.A. - Smashing Pumpkins

In high school, this song was a crazy experience for me and Henry, as we had never heard something so intense yet cleanly produced. Watching the live versions from when Billy had hair was pretty incredible, and we were hooked on the Smashing Pumpkins. The whole Siamese Dream album is pretty magical, and we learned a lot about song dynamics and production from Billy. They were doing such a unique thing in the 90s.

Shake Me Down - Cage the Elephant

Thank You Happy Birthday by Cage the Elephant, particularly the versions performed during their Live at the Vic in Chicago show, are the epitome of incredible modern rock. Nothing super complex, just pure energy and involvement from the members. Matt Shulz is visibly moved by their songs and performances, and we aspire to be this animated during our shows. “Shake Me Down” in particular has such a great split between dreamy, singalong moments and emotional, wild vocal lines. Forever Cage fans.

Still Take You Home - Arctic Monkeys

At our first real show at an awesome bar by our house, The Comet Grille, this song was a gamble for us. We played a bunch of softer, more classic bar songs, and then came out swinging with a Still Take You Home cover. We usually look around at each other during songs, but I was so focused on trying to sound exactly like Alex Turner as a kid from the American Southeast that I never looked up. The early Monkeys were so raw, and we have always tried to learn from that energy.

The Evil Has Landed - Queens of the Stone Age

Ah, yes, the king of modern rock swagger, Josh Homme. From the beautiful chaos of “You Think I Aint Worth A Dollar” to the infectious melody of “I Sat by the Ocean,” Josh Homme and Co. have been a huge inspiration on our song structure. We love the pattern of alternating big guitar lines with bridges that keep up the energy but substitute busier vocals in for busier guitars. This song in particular is the perfect example of that, starting out with a huge fuzz line, breaking down into a catchy chord progression and Homme’s signature falsetto moves, then a bridge that switches up the flow.

Making Breakfast - Twin Peaks

To finish up, we had to go with the most fun song on this list. Twin Peaks does a Wild Honey Pie version of “Making Breakfast” on Youtube where they speed it up and go completely wild on stage. They say the name of a different song to introduce this one and I’m not sure they have any idea what they are playing. Twin Peaks are visibly having a whole lot of fun doing what they do, and their music lends itself to that vibe a lot. If we are struggling for inspiration, we know what to do, watch Twin Peaks jumping around on stage, keeping good old fashioned rock n roll alive.


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