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boys be kko releases club focussed 'Pico' EP

Boys be kko, the larger-than-life Japanese producer, is back with a bang! After his critically acclaimed 'Monnaka' EP wowed the world, he's ready to conquer dance music once again with his latest release, 'Pico'. This elegantly dance-centric two-track EP showcases textured drum work, richly layered melodies, and club-ready energy that promises to set dancefloors on fire.

The title track 'Pico' is a mesmerizing fusion of tribal beats, Japanese-inspired instrumentation, and unique synths that create an intricate sonic landscape. Every re-listen reveals new discoveries, and the infectious energy is tailor-made for summer festivals and parties. Meanwhile, 'Kanari' takes a darker turn with growling bass, haunting melodies, and pulsating FX—a head-down roller that transports dancers to new realms.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese "Karesansui" gardens, boys be kko adds a touch of his homeland's essence to the EP. Just like the gardens composed of stones and sand symbolizing ocean waves and islands, 'Pico' is an imaginative expression of nature in sound form.

Proving himself as a prolific producer, boys be kko's previous work was highly celebrated, charted by Spotify, and featured in top playlists, solidifying his place in the music scene. With singles like 'Tapisl' and 'Big Boys Don't Cry' amassing over 1.3 million streams, anticipation for 'Pico' is reaching fever pitch.

Labyrinth Records, the independent label founded by Nick Castleman & Olly Jacobs in 2021, continues to support groundbreaking music that evokes deep emotions. The partnership with boys be kko promises to be an electrifying addition to their roster.

Get ready for the dance music event of the season as 'Pico' EP drops in multiple stages, starting with the radio edit of 'Pico' on June 23rd, followed by 'Kanari' on July 14th. The full EP and vinyl will be unleashed on August 4th, taking dancefloors by storm and leaving music enthusiasts hungry for more!


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