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BabyStep Bandcamp Picks: LUXE

Today, it's Bandcamp Friday and once again, the platform are waiving their fees to allow artists to receive maximum income for their music during such a crucial time. This week on Bandcamp Picks, we have Manchester based DJ and producer LUXE (formerly DJ Luz).

'Hailing from Brighton but residing in Manchester, Lucy Hopson aka LUXE finds herself in the thick of the North West’s underground scene. Beginning her musical career in the realms of classical and jazz as a flautist, LUXE’s background brings a fresh perspective to the art of selection, and is a significant influence on her productions. The Melodic Distraction and B.L.O.O.M. resident’s musical direction focuses predominantly on the heavier side of UK influenced sounds, is most praised for connecting the dots between a vast range of music, spanning from techno to jungle and much in between. Her latest work, ‘Falcon’s Rise’, can be found on the latest VA on Banoffee Pies Records.'

We had a chat with LUXE to get her selection of recommendations for you to get your hands on today. Remember, supporting creatives at the moment is absolutely essential, so get digging!

Night Shift - Queens of Clubs

Night Shift, which is the second VA of the Queens of Club releases is an absolute gem. Hard hitting Ghetto House, Electro, Footwork, and Breakbeats produced and mastered exclusively by established and up and coming womxn and non-binary artists.

Listen HERE.

Club Glow Vol.2- Mani Festo & Major

Club Glow is undoubtedly a staple for me but this release is one of my all time favourites. 28 tracks of breakbeat goodness, each and every one is as good as the last.

Listen HERE.

BB- shygirl

shygirl is someone who's constantly pushing boundaries of genre and artistry. This is my favourite track of hers, with Sega Bodega on production. Her new EP ‘ALIAS’ came out on 20th November - check it!

Listen HERE.

Hacking the Planet - Bliss Inc.

EP ‘Hacking the Planet’ is another definite on this list for me - a gem in the sphere of contemporary trance, bringing you soft bubbling synths, scattered vocals and aquatic motifs set to glide you through various dimensions.

Listen HERE.


Club, ghettotech, jungle, 160, footwork and rave edits from Yazzus displaying her signature sound and energy.

Listen HERE.

3 x 2 EP - Bakongo

Bakongo’s ‘3 x 2 E.P.’ on Livity Sound brings percussive UK funky club ready sounds.

Listen HERE.


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