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BabyStep Bandcamp Picks: Junior

We hope you are all doing well amid the ensuing uncertainty, a second lockdown is a tough time for all of us. Despite the temporary public closure of our studio we'll be pushing content more than ever, doing our best to keep you entertained and champion local creatives. On March 20th, as the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic was just starting to be understood, Bandcamp made the bold choice of waiving their share of revenue for artists and labels who were cancelling shows and delaying releases left and right. The result was more music bought by more fans than any day on the site, a record broken on the first Friday of May. It is more important than ever to support music of upcoming artists on Bandcamp.

Following on from last week’s selection from Adam Pits, this week’s Bandcamp picks offers an exciting array of high-energy tracks from Junior, an artist who works in Tribe Records and is a mainstay on Noods Radio and behind the revered club night Uppercut Sounds.

Bunout Boss EP - G Sudden

Bristol based Bokeh Versions, has just released another collaboration project with dancehall outfit Duppy Gun – aka Cameron Stallones of Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras. The project sheds light Jamaican based rising star G Sudden. The artist attempts to reshuffles the tradition dancehall tropes, surrounding gun violence and ghetto life, instead focusing on oppressed population, social misery, criminality and corruption. All 8 tracks on the album are killah but the one I dig the most is ‘Skin Get Bun’.

Listen HERE.

The Price is Free Remix EP - Streetwalker

Beau Wanzer and Elon Katz team up to make ‘The Price Is Free’, a remix E.P on released on Los Angele based Zero Grow. Beau and Elon are donating their portion of the proceeds to SWOP ( The title track features glitched out mechanics with an alluring vocal that telling us ‘the price is free, talk to me’. Remixers include Elizabeth Collar, 51717 and my personal favourite, Caveman LSD.

Listen HERE.

PERDU - Piezo

Just over a month ago, Piezo released his debut album on HundeBiss and it’s absolutely spectacular! Perdu balances raw, organic harmonics with raw throbbing low-end frequencies. Expect an eclectic range of sounds from percussive heaters to spooked out oddities. Piezo has been smashing releases left right and centre and this is not one to miss!

Listen HERE.

Victim Of The System - Twin System

I could not help but to mention a project I was invited to work on by the Twin System crew over lockdown 1.0. Together we curated a 28-track compilation raising money for Brixton Soup Kitchen, a charity that offers vital support to the homeless of south London and anyone affected by the pandemic. Expect tracks from Mosca, Box 5ive and Al Wooton, as well as twin systems own, Lewi Boome, Flytipper and Dj Baklava. The only way to describe it is ‘functional heaters alongside malfunctioning oddities for a good cause’.

Listen HERE.

BGSC003 - Fareed

I am currently obsessed with this Brand new 7” from Fareed on Warzous imprint, Big Science. The Parisian producer constructs an industrial, rapid fire jungle heater that is deep, dark and dangerous to say the least. Make sure you check both him and the label out as they are constantly putting new music.

Listen HERE.

Airfoil - Hamilton Scalpel

For my last choice, I have to mention Hamilton Scalpel’s second 12’’on Mother and Dj Cruds label, Concrete Cabin. This record is absolutely bonkers. My favourite track on the record is disorientating slammer, ‘Southern Cross Aerobatic Team’. Make sure you check it out.

Listen HERE.


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