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BabyStep Bandcamp Picks: Joe Koshin

Welcome back to BabyStep Bandcamp Picks, where each week we invite an artist to recommend a selection of Bandcamp releases! Carrying on the series this week we have London based DJ and producer Joe Koshin.

Joe's raw and distinctive production style is one that we have very much enjoyed watching develop over the last few months. With a string of releases on 199, Gimme A Break, Buried, and most recently his own label ME1 Records, Joe is set to take 2021 by storm. As expected, he has come through with the goods on this one, with a wicked selection of boisterous bangers to soundtrack your weekend. Enjoy!

Delian Sound - Noah’s Still Dancing EP - Outhouse Sounds - 4th February 2021



Every single track on Delian Sound’s Noah’s Still Dancing has featured heavily in my recent sets, radio shows and guest-mixes. This EP succeeds in staying true to oldskool breakbeat’s raucous, energetic mentality whilst simultaneously embodying the dynamic, progressive, and envelope-pushing aspirations of contemporary breaks production. Releases on Outhouse Sounds consistently hit the mark - the latest addition to their discography is no exception.

Listen here.

Torom - Oak Tones - International Extraterrestrial Music/Next Door Records - 1st March 2021




I’ve been trying to work out how to briefly describe this EP and have realised that the title, Oak Tones, summarises the whole vibe of the project in way fewer words than I can. The EP’s organic percussion tracks make reference to baile funk, garage and UK funky, contrasting against rich, synthetic pad sounds and melody lines. It all makes for something that's soothing and familiar yet slightly alien. Despite the mild sense of disorientation it creates, I can’t get enough of it.

Listen here.

Thomas Dalzell - Fractals EP - Gimme A Break - 5th March 2021



Fractals by Thomas Dalzell is as compelling as it is diverse. Throughout the EP sounds of electro, dub, UKG and techno are stylishly delivered. Mellow synths, pounding drums and groovy bass-lines drive the project forward, making for an EP that has the capacity to either send a dance-floor wild or mellow out the after party. Definitely an artist (and label) to keep your eyeballs adhered to!

Listen here.

Bored Lord - Lavirga - Self Released - 5th March 2021


I’m ashamed to say that Bored Lord has only come onto my radar fairly recently. I find this totally astonishing as they’re an artist that’s so consistent, prolific and boundary-pushing in the world of breaks and rave music that they put the rest of us to shame. Lavirga is Bored Lord’s third release of the year, and there’s absolutely no chance of their creative juices running dry any time soon.

Listen here.

Jubley - Feel It - Fodder Records - 4th Feb 2021



Jubley wastes no time with introductions and chucks you straight in the deep end with his second contribution to the Fodder Records catalogue. The leading track’s raw, thumping kicks pave the way for the rest of the EP. A masterclass in industrial, dark-side UKG, Feel It is definitely a 4-track worth putting on the USBs.

Listen here.

Borai - Need U EP - Club Glow - 2nd April 2021



Borai’s Need U is Club Glow’s second endeavour into the world of wax. It certainly lives up to the hype whipped up by their debut vinyl release with Mani Festo. Catchy melodies and hypnotic synth lines feature prominently throughout the rave-infused EP. The project concludes with the aptly named Shadow Law, rounding things off with dark and enigmatic flare.

Listen here.


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