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Aura: Tracks That Shaped Our Sound

Hailing from the UK, the dynamic DJ and producer duo known as AURA embarked on their musical odyssey by immersing themselves in the world of music production in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Their journey gained momentum with back-to-back live performances atop Newcastle's historic Castle Keep, setting the stage for a creative partnership that would soon redefine their trajectory. Venturing into the studio, AURA marked their presence with the release of their debut EP, "Control," a mesmerizing compilation of chill-out records that seamlessly intertwine rhythmic synth layers with a fusion of pop-style and ethereal vocals, all under the banner of the esteemed Italian label, Blessed Cross Records.

Duo Russell and Kieran, the architects behind AURA, have been meticulously honing their progressive style since the early days of 2023. With the successful launch of their first release in the same year, they've set their sights on an ambitious series of upcoming releases slated for 2024, promising to further captivate audiences with their evolving sonic journey.

Jan Blomqvist - Roller coaster (Remix)

We’ve been following Jan Blomqvist for a few years now. He just has this unique progressive electro-pop style that we can get on board with. We really love the analogue sounds and textures in his productions. The stabbing piano chords that carry the track forward in Roller Coaster is actually where the initial idea for one of our tracks stemmed from.

Nils Hoffman - Lonely

As fans of the label, Anjunadeep, it’s no surprise we stumbled across Nils Hoffman. A lot of our inspiration comes from him. Rae Morris’ vocals as well, are amazing. This song is what made us want to find a way to incorporate vocals into our productions. There must be a reason why it made the top song on Kieran’s Spotify wrapped this year?

Il:lo - Reflections (Remix)

This track takes us to a sunny beach over in the Mediterranean somewhere, much better than Costa Del Toon. It really takes you on a journey when you listen to it, and you just forget where you are at that moment in time. It has those organic and natural sounds, which is a nice break from your typical electronic ones that are prominent in dance music.

Eli & Fur - Chlo

Eli & Fur are who made us want to start producing in the first place. When we first started working together we both realised that they were a common factor in our playlists. Their recent EPs, Follow the Dark, pt.1 & pt.2 released whilst we were in the process of making our own, which was a huge inspiration at the time, and will be in the future, we’re sure!

Franky Wah x Cristoph - Darkest Hour

Obviously, we had to mention Cristoph.. Being from the North East, you can’t get around without hearing his name. As fans of Franky Wah as well, when we saw this release, we knew we were in for a banger! It only fueled Russ’ desire to see them both at Creamfields 2023, and they didn’t disappoint. It just makes us want to play there ourselves one day.


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