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ALYXIS creates bass-fuelled AI Chat-Bot on new video

Based in Dublin, ALYXIS approaches music conceptually, garnering support from prominent experimental influencers like FACT Mag and KALTBLUT. ALYXIS invites listeners into their self-constructed virtual realm - XOIOXO - where they find solace. Having recently opened for Sega Bodega and Lyra Pramuk in Paris, ALYXIS is gearing up to release ‘LUCKY,’ a mutated bass production delving into themes of loneliness, anxiety, and the search for comfort in today's world.

The track explores our inclination as humans to seek momentary relief and a sense of security through digital platforms like mindfulness apps and podcasts. In the video for ‘LUCKY,’ ALYXIS intriguingly explores the idea of finding such solace through an AI chatbot from XOIOXO named Oracle—a comforting presence guiding individuals to embrace their solitude and assert control over their personal space.

ALYXIS self-produces all visuals using a blend of cinema 4d, blender, and unreal engine, offering another glimpse into the digital paradise they are constructing.

Speaking about XOIOXO, ALYXIS envisions a utopian society where individuals can express themselves freely, drawing inspiration from imaginative landscapes depicted in digital art and virtual realms. Their journey is also inspired by social movements advocating inclusivity, prompting the creation of XOIOXO as a platform for self-expression, body acceptance, gender fluidity, and a sense of belonging. Drawing from the potential of technology and exploring virtual realities seen in science fiction (Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, The Matrix), ALYXIS envisions sanctuaries for dreamers in an increasingly hostile and judgmental world.

XOIOXO comprises four distinct realms where hidden music, messages, and gifts from ALYXIS can be discovered. Yet, XOIOXO's aspirations extend beyond its digital boundaries. As dreamers reconnect with the physical realm, they carry the transformative energy and fresh perspectives nurtured within XOIOXO. Armed with self-love, acceptance, and empathy, they become agents of positive change, propagating these ideals in the world.

ALYXIS consistently challenges artistic boundaries, exemplified by the recent release of "LEADER" on GASH TRAX VOL.2, showcasing their ever-evolving sound and penchant for experimentation.

The anticipation is palpable as ALYXIS gears up to unveil their debut album in early 2024.

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