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Organic New Music Friday #3

We're back again to welcome your weekend with another Organic Music Friday - this time celebrating the rising talent not only of the north, but with some serious heaters from across the pond.

Sarah Farina - 'Get It Gurl' (RAIDERS)

Berlin-based label Raiders premiered their first instalment of 'Queens of Club: Astral Booty' this week - with hefty breaks and bass-fuelled number by Sarah Farina. Get it Gurl is yet another one for Sarah to add to her collection of 'rainbow-bass' tunes - a genre coined by the producer herself to describe her innovative style. Combining experimental footwork, R&B and UK Funky influences, her music is simultaneously avant-garde and immediately captivating. As a part of the 'Queens of Club: Astral Booty'

compilation - featuring music solely by female-identifying and non-binary producers - Sarah wanted to replicate this empowering vision in the track, sampling vocals from the wonderful UNIIQU3.

Get it Gurl is out now on Soundcloud to listen and share, and can be pre-ordered here on Bandcamp.

Mean-E - 'Not A Beyoncé Remix I Promise' (Gimme a Break Records)

Mean-E rather ironically treats us to this breaks-infused, 808-sub packed remix of Beyonce's Baby Boy. Released on up-coming Leeds-based label Gimme a Break Records, Mean-E is cracking through the genres for this one - diverting from his usual in electro-madness. Mean-E's tracks are a sound to listen out for, working with labels such as Lobster Theremin, CYBERJIT and Jerry Horny - meaning he's only just getting started.

Not A Beyoncé Remix I Promise is out now on Soundcloud, available as a free download.

Cooke and Knitzy - 'Another Misconception'

Another Misconception is part of Cooke & Knitzky's first album on sub-label Cactus, aiming to cultivate a more down-tempo and organic sound from the rest of their work released on initial label, Saver. This track is wonderfully stylistic of the minimal sounds they're used to creating, with it even getting a remix from Romania's Olivian Nour. Cooke and Knitzky are already getting ready for the release of Cactus 02, which won't be one to miss.

Another Misconception is out now on Soundcloud to listen and share, and available to purchase on Bandcamp.

Turbojazz & Sean McCabe feat Javonntte - 'Wanna Dance'

Premiering as a part of Mixmag's September series, Turbojazz and Sean McCabe collaborate with Javonntte to bring you a wonderfully jazzy, undeniably groovy deep house track. Wanna Dance was produced as a eulogy to the dance floor, reflecting on the euphoria of late-night dancing.

Wanna Dance is out now on Soundcloud to listen and share.

Paryah - 'Garden'

Paryah are a rising talent on the electronic scene in Manchester, diverging from the plethora of DJs and producers in the city - instead bringing these genres to life through live production. Their new track - Garden - does exactly this, venturing through synthy melodies, organic-sounding percussion and bassy vocals.

Garden is out now on Spotify and Soundcloud.

J Wax - 'Cloud City'

J Wax treats our ears once again, returning with a 5-part EP titled Blink. Cloud City - released on Montreal label Bolting Bits - is a personal favourite from the collection, layering a mega-electro beat with spacey synths and resonating cosmic sounds.

Cloud City is out now on Soundcloud to listen and share, and available to pre-order on Bandcamp.

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