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Moon Unit Are Back With An Event This Weekend

Freedom Mills are setting the standard for socially distanced events in Leeds, marking a standout return with their event last week that welcomed Sound Mag and Rebel Spirit to the Mill. What followed was an evening of roots reggae and dub sounds that reminded us what we've been missing out on.

This week the venue are aiming to trudge on through the storm with another weekend of events that shine a light on Leeds' thriving music scene. This Saturday Leeds' raving faithful will be sent on a deep electronic excursion courtesy of Moon Unit. At the heart of the party will be Comfy Bella & Karis, two top Leeds selectors who will be offering an eclectic selection of tunes, spanning from disco, broken beat, UKG, hip hop and house flavours.

You can make a table bookings from 4 - 6 people available via @ £5 per person COVID-19 Safety measures are in place throughout the venue in order to ensure peoples safety Please note this also currently includes reduced volume levels to keep in line with Government guidance.

Link for Tickets HERE.

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